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by Craig Masters updates one of the season’s most interesting polls daily. But in this poll there are no pollsters. This poll tracks no demographic, no ‘likely voters,’ no registered party members or other selected group. This poll tracks shipping addresses of purchased books classified as either liberal or conservative in nature or marketing. The sales shipped into each state are tracked and Amazon publishes a map with the states colored according to sales: red for conservative, blue for liberal. It is no surprise that sometimes all 50 states are often red. Most recently a half dozen states and the Dist. of Columbia did show as light blue when liberal sales etched ahead by a few percentage points. But the titles of┬áseveral leading liberal sellers are intentionally deceptive.

Unfortunately Amazon’s kindle reader has recently been dropped by Target and Walmart stores. Sales to kindle owners were a key percentage of the red and blue books poll. It will be several months before we will know if the kindle being dropped by two of the nation’s leading retail outlets will deal a serious knock-down blow to e-book sales? Possibly reduced exposure to e-reading devices might lead to increased sales of books in print. But the sad reality is that Amazon’s tracking poll won’t be nearly as interesting without the demographic of discount store shoppers being mixed with the book store shoppers.

There has been a lot of debate over the past few years about why liberal radio shows can’t draw major audiences. The facts are that nearly all liberal radio shows simply fail to make money. Democrats have repeatedly tried to censor conservatives by writing “fairness” in broadcasting each time another expensive effort to create a liberal show fails.

It is well understood that consumers vote with their checkbooks. Liberal or conservative, people who want to be informed are being forced to find for themselves what the mainstream media refuses to report. Historically, dishonest reporting is credited to have begun in the era of the early cable news networks fighting to break a story first and check the facts later; if at all. It is no secret the once popular CNN network is popularly referred to today as the Communist News Network. While that title may be earned, it may not be as much an insult as it would have been not so many years ago. In fact, to their audience, it may not be an insult at all today.

But it is campaign season and when people like Stephanie Cutter, top strategist for Obama, are allowed to be excused for calling lies facts and facts lies, there is no hope for honest debate. Polls showing Obama leading are interpreted using some of the most dishonest methodology imaginable. The books are cooked. And when the trick questions aren’t good enough to produce the desired results, the democrats simply parade Cutter out on mainstream television and claim the people who reported the poll were criminals and liars. She ought to know!

In October many of us will watch Romney debate Obama. The most important book we need to remember is the Qur’an which encourages lying as a fundamental means to promote the ideology of Islam. Barack Husein Obama was raised from childhood in the Muslim environment. He has lied about nearly everything important his entire life. Truthful answers in the October debates will not be a problem. In these gunfights, Romney will be armed with a rubber knife. You can make book on that!

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