Don’t Stop Believin’ – It’s Ryan Time!

by Craig Masters

Paul Ryan at Ft Collins town hall meeting

After a short concert by country music star, Jamie O’Neal, Vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan kept spirits high of the enthusiastic crowd that packed the manufacturing facility of the Walker Implement Company in Fort Collins Wednesday morning.

Like he did Sunday at the Romney/Ryan victory rally in Denver, former Colorado congressman, Bob Beauprez ,opened the program with encouraging words and his own brand of excitement. In a comment directed clearly at the failed stimulus programs of the current administration, Beauprez brought the crowd to fever pitch when he reminded them “the greatest stimulus of mankind is freedom.” He made no apologies for pointing out that one of the greatest differences between the present administration in Washington and the Romney/Ryan administration will be the understanding that freedom is a gift from God – not government. A message Paul Ryan also delivered.

Ryan wasted no time on empty, meaningless slogans. He was quick to point out that when Obama took office in January of 2009, his Democratic party was the only party in power in Washington. Obama got every single program he wanted for his first two years. He was able to get his nationalized health care law and hundreds of hidden programs at the expense to the middle class he so claims he is all about protecting. He got the multi-trillion dollar deficits he wanted. Then, when these programs were found to have reduced the average middle-class income by some $4000 per year, average middle-class wealth by nearly 40%, increased cost of health care (so far) by $2300 per year instead of reducing those costs by $2500 as promised, instead of apologizing to Americans and trying something different, he doubles down and blames everybody else.

Recognizing the number of CSU shirts in the crowd, Ryan reported to the crowd that the student loan program was another area of the private sector nationalized under Obama.  The nationwide student loan program was simply confiscated by the federal government – much like GM. The President has repeatedly touted how he has fought hard to keep student loans affordable. But the new federal program student loan rates are being ‘held down’ to only around 8%. What Obama doesn’t want the students to know is that is the fed’s cost is less than 1%. What actually happened was that the Democrats grabbed a marginally profitable private sector program and turned it into a huge revenue source and another excuse for growing the size and power of the federal government.

The audience was given opportunity to ask Mr. Ryan questions. One woman expressed concern about the upcoming debates: she ask if Romney would be tough enough to deal with Obama’s lies. This was a concern shared by many, based on the loud applause her question received. The v-p candidate was quick to assure them that unlike 4 years ago when he was a virtual unknown, this time around Obama has a history and a terrible record. Ryan was sure Governor Romney was more than up to the task of putting Obama on the defensive.

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