Something to ponder on the bond issue for a new John Evans school

Questions on the tax increase for a new John Evans



  • The      proposed site at 65th        Ave and 37th St would require a      minimum of $ 4-6 million for infrastructure (taps, curb, gutter sidewalks      ect.) in addition to the cost of the building.


  • The      current site already has the infrastructure, so building on that site      would be

$ 4-6 million cheaper.


  • Could      the land at 37th        St and 65th Ave be sold to help      offset the cost of the new building at the current site?



  • How      much did Union      ColonyCharter      Schooljust spend on      their new elementary school located on 11th Ave?  Why were they able to build it without      tax revenues?  Could the district      follow in the footsteps of other private and charter schools and build a      cheaper, yet adequate building (say a metal building)?


  • Could      Cameron Elementary be utilized for all or part of the John Evans      students?  The alternative high      school has been housed in an elementary school, why not a middle school      then? The cost to renovate this school is a small fraction of the cost to      build a new school-especially to BEST Grant standards.


  • Why      are all new charter school applicants required to build EAST of 23rd      Ave, yet District 6 wants to put the new middle school far WEST of 23rd      Ave?


  • How      many empty buildings inGreeley     could serve more than adequately at a fraction of the cost of this      project?




* Administrations, like politicians, routinely manipulate numbers including construction costs, number of students bussed, “necessary” expenses………………….

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