Could Obama, Iran make secret deal prior to election?

by Matt Lacy –


A source with ties with high ranking Iranian officials has reportedly warned about a potential “October Surprise” where the Iranian government agrees to temporarily halt uranium production prior to the U.S. presidential election in order to help Barack Obama.


Reza Kahlili, who served in the CIA Directorate of Operations as a spy in the Revolutionary Guard wrote in WND, the largest independent news agency on the Internet that a three person delegation sent by the Obama administration discussed the deal with a representative of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.


Kahlili also serves on the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, which is an advisory board authorized by Congress. He is also the author of “A Time to Betray” and has appeared as an expert on Iran and counterterrorism in the Middle East on national and international media.


His source states that an Oct. 1 meeting took place Doha, Qatar and was coordinated by the country’s monarchy. Ali Akbar Velayati , a former Iranian foreign minister and close adviser to the supreme leader on international affairs travelled to Qatar for the meeting.


The woman in the U.S. delegation reportedly took Lufthansa Flight 419 from Washington to attend the meeting. She apparently  met with Velayati, who is wanted by Argentinian officials for the bombing of a Jewish community center which killed 85 people.


According to the source the woman urged Velayati to publicly announce a halt to uranium production prior to the November presidential election. After the presidential election and a presumed Obama victory, Iran would then resume production. In return for the announcement the Obama administration would remove sanctions on the Iranian central bank and oil industry.


The central bank sanctions were mentioned in last week’s presidential debate where Paul Ryan said the Obama administration had been fighting against tougher sanctions against the Iranian government.


During the debate Biden downplayed the possibility of Iran getting the bomb saying there was no need to worry because American intelligence agencies have accurate information and would inform the administration if Iran were close to developing a nuclear bomb.


However, earlier he blamed the intelligence community for providing bad intelligence as the reason the administration said the attack in Benghazi was a terrorist attack was because of an anti-Islamic movie.


WND also followed up with another story detailing specific details about how close Iran is to getting the bomb by providing very specific information including the location of the bomb factory, completer with satellite images.


Joe Farah, founder of WND said it was incredible that a story of this significance was being ignored by the major media.


“Despite the precision and grainy detail offered by WND’s reports, the rest of the media simply ignored these startling revelations, as if they never happened,” Farah said in a column.


Some have criticized WND for using an unnamed source. Suggesting that just because they are unnamed means they have not been vetted. Farah said that is not the case.


“We have used very few unnamed sources in any of these stories. Generally, I don’t like them. But a quick review of the stories will show lots of detail – names, places, dates, times, satellite photos, on-the-record sources.”


If the story is correct it could have major political repercussions with some saying such an act would be treasonous. In spite of the severity of these allegations, the major media has totally ignored the story.


By contrast, The New York Times and other media reported on an allegation George Bush travelled to Paris in 1980 to have a secret meeting to ask Iran to release American hostages, despite there being no evidence backing up the claim, by Navy Captain Gunther Russbacher who allegedly flew the plane.

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3 Responses to Could Obama, Iran make secret deal prior to election?

  1. Bob says:

    This absolutely would be high treason if accurate. Conspiring with an enemy foreign government to manipulate a US presidential election by manufacturing a false narrative of events?

  2. Joan says:

    I wouldn’t put anything past Mr. Obama and his cornies. He is dangerous and anyone who votes for him will pay for it later if he gets a second term. Sad part of it is, we will all have to suffer.

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