Florida school board policy now lower expectations for blacks than whites

by Peter Grady –


The Florida State Board of Education is coming under fire after it passed a policy that officially declares they have lower academic expectations for black students over others.


Last week, the board passed a revised strategic plan regarding their educational goals for student achievement in the state’s schools. According to the new plan, by 2018 they want 92 percent of the state’s Asian students to be reading at or above grade levels. However, the goal calls for lower goals for others including 86 percent for whites, 80 percent for Hispanics  and blacks coming in last at 74 percent.


For reading the goals are similar with the state expecting 90 percent of Asians to be at or above grade level, but the expectations for whites are 88 percent, Hispanics at 81 percent and once again, the lowest expectations are for black students where the state will consider it a success if 74 percent of them are proficient.


The plan has infuriated parents and community activists from around the state who are saying the new goals essentially say they believe blacks are not able to learn as well as Asians and other racial groups.


According to CBS Tampa, the new goals are a requirement by the Obama administration to qualify for a waiver granted to the state exempting it from the requirements of the federal “No Child Left Behind Act.”

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5 Responses to Florida school board policy now lower expectations for blacks than whites

  1. M. Ward says:

    Perhaps… Rather than COMPLAINING about the different STANDARDS/EXPECTATIONS for blacks, the “activists” should examine WHY Blacks (and other minorities) DON’T achieve the same academic performance as others?!

    Isn’t the CORRECT response to this lowering of standards/expectations to SURPASS the goals expected of them by the Board of Education?

    Isn’t is a SAD STATE of affairs, that the GOAL set for blacks is SO MUCH LOWER than that of other ethnic groups? Doesn’t that assert that the academic “achievement” of these groups – NOW – are BELOW that level?

    Before you (black activists) COMPLAIN about these lower standards, shouldn’t you be compaining (to your OWN “community”) of THEIR LACK OF PERFORMANCE?!

    The Board of Education wouldn’t be LOWERING the expections, if the majority of students IN THOSE Ethnic Groups were ACHIEVING at or above “Grade Level”!

    I would assume that ALL children (regardless of their ethnic background) are attending integrated schools, and are being taught by the SAME teachers (the classrooms aren’t segregated). Assuming that is the case (and I have no reason to believe otherwise) – shouldn’t ALL children (regardless of their ethnic background) be performing EQUALLY (again, assuming they are, in fact, EQUAL in their ABILITIES)!

    If the “activists” want to complain about ANYTHING – it should be at their “communities” for validating the (INCORRECT) beliefs of racists and biggots (that minorities are NOT the intellectual EQUALS of non-minorities)!

  2. MsTired of the hype says:

    I am sure this is not true in the since and I quote “the new goals are a requirement by the Obama administration to qualify for a waiver granted to the state exempting it from the requirements of the federal “No Child Left Behind Act.” Give the people some credit for having some knowledge and understanding of our own fight for our children of tomorrow. Each state has to set goals for improvement but if you allow your state to set your kids/students goals low just for money, its your fault. Its true the President wants us to improve all students but these are numbers your state has set and you have to look at how your students performed. If your stat has decided that they want each group by race or gender to improve 10% then this may be your goal. But tell us why you set it so low for Black students. If you are only expecting a 2% increase or 5% in Asian and or white students tell us why. Dont just drop numbers like this, its misleading tell us why? We should all want our students reading at grade level or above and should be doing whatever it takes to get then there. But lets not let the press get away with not telling the whole story. Where did the numbers come from? Not the Obama administration I assure you. Get real CBS and other reporters.

  3. Shop.com says:

    It is unfortunate, but true statistic that certain people just don’t have the initiative to be more. They are not being taught at home they can be whoever they set their mind to become. Doesn’t make it a Black white issue but a statistic that speaks for itself. As long as people keep screaming that this must be a racist issue and not a True issue happening in the hearts of families across the country. It starts in the HOME.
    People without Goals in Life will settle for what is easier. If they do not believe they can do better, they will not try.
    The truth is the Asians have a much better work ethic. So we all are getting lazy and off focus and we have lost that drive that built America. The American Dream. It is still there, we just have to learn how to achieve it. If your tired of being a statistic, ck out marketamerica.com and then shop.com/Manley, register as a preferred customer and request for more information how you can achieve the American Dream. It is still here waiting for you.

  4. Here's Johnny! says:

    The whole Florida State Board of Education should be fired. And I hope Obama gets fired with them.

  5. Martha says:

    Ward, thank you so much for your insightful and accurate comments. It would be great if black activists would take
    action to properly follow your advice, unfortunately, I
    doubt it. It is like the old adage, “you can lead a horse to
    water…” As a black person, I have tried for many years to
    convince other blacks that we should try to “raise the bar”
    for ourselves, but my efforts were in vain. Frankly, I
    think it is easier for some blacks to be a burden on society
    rather than a benefit.

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