District 6 has history of not being wise stewards of their finances

by Brett Reese —



I asked the editor of the Northern Colorado Gazette to reprint my letter of Feb 2011 to help us all decide whether or not to trust this administration…


As easy and fun as it would be to air out the many silly antics my colleagues on the Greeley/Evans board of education are engaging in, I– and believe me it would make you laugh– I will report only on the major faux paus and delusions upon which they stumble.


Against their own oft-repeated board protocols and policies, they brought up a major item that was not even on the agenda, let alone had any public notice.  This board, against my aggressive counter stance, voted to extend the Superintendent’s contract and continue to pay her nearly $300k per year.  No notice to the public.  Not even an agenda item! Our Dr. Lang is married to Robert Hammond, who is the interim top dog for the Co. Dept. of Education! Can anyone say conflict of interest? Especially since neither position is an elected one? More importantly, can anyone say “gaining community trust, or ahem…illegal”?


This board has become such a laughing stock that the self-proclaimed “new sheriff in town”, Bob Stack, actually declared repeatedly that the whole state was looking to learn from this school district!  His report, from CASB, like all others, was heavily flowered with self-congratulations and accolades with no bother of reality.  As he finished, I wondered aloud how he reconciled those statements with the abysmal 65% graduation rate in our “exemplary” school system. No answer.


Anybody with a spattering of common sense or the half brain of Lib Trib op/ed Teresa Meyers, knows the Greeley/Evans schools should not be replicated!  Now Ms. Meyers is D6’s communications chief.


If I hadn’t run a year ago there would not be a single, elected member on this school board.  I am the only board member to have owned a successful business.  The Tribune and the District have a single repeating solution: private property tax increases.  “Come to the rescue of our children”…whatever.


I can’t take time or space to describe how this board in a January meeting passed a re-apportionment amendment to last year’s budget.  True! Over $5.5 million funneled to their pet projects from the general fund.  The general fund is…you might have guessed…your property tax pocketbook again.


I want to describe how this board has recently barred any taxpayer access to any school unless they have a child attending there! Listen closely folks, these things have happened, and you will not hear about them in The Lib Trib. And if it’s not in the Tribune, you won’t hear it on KFKA. True. Our alleged conservative news/talk radio station in town simply repeats the Tribune verbatim in their “live and local” newscasts!


You will NOT hear about the eminent and predictable failures of this district in their million dollar “clean our image” campaign.  They have done everything to hush me up and I soon expect a motion to tie a muzzle on my mouth.  It really is a circus! But not quite as enjoyable.  Close! But not quite.


I do home school my three beautiful daughters, but I continue to care about what’s being done to our community enough to step up and take the criticism and character assassination.  Many have asked how and why I choose to take these personal attacks and the national liberal press smear. God has given me a natural resilience.  My wife says I’m German and like the fight.  But I do hate it when my littlest daughter cries and compares my board colleagues to the playground bullies beating up on her daddy.  I tell her when you wrestle with pigs youre going to get dirty too, but someone has to, even if the incompetent win in a corrupt, Godless society.


I have no financial stake.  I have nothing personally to gain. But I believe in how America was founded.  I believe what Teddy Roosevelt said in 1907, “To educate a man in mind and not morals is to create a menace to society”.  So far this board hasn’t even educated the mind.  Someone has to have the courage and sacrifice to pioneer the fire of change.

Brett Reese


I also expect Obama to win, Skip Carlson to lose, and our country to continue to slip into what the Bible calls the end times and the nonexistence of America.  It hurts to fight what I know is a losing battle, and I try to avoid it and concentrate on spiritual purposes.  Liberal/socialists recruit through our education system and Republicans fight against each other.  What a waste of what so many have fought and died for….

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