GLOBAL WARMING – Fact or Fiction, True or False?

by Jim Frazier,
for The Greeley Gazette

Taking care of the earth is not such a bad idea. Up until the 1960’s, American cities and businesses often used rivers as dumping grounds for waste. President Lyndon Johnson’s wife, Lady Bird, started a campaign to ‘clean up America.’ Littering became an offense. The polluting of lakes, rivers or the air became crimes with huge fines levied against individuals, companies and cities.

Efforts continued with creation of the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency.  Since then, endangered species became a major issue, and more recently the hot issues are protecting the ozone layer, global warming, climate change and carbon emissions.

Scientists do not agree on the facts about climate change, and some claim that data has been misinterpreted for political purposes. The reason, some claim, is to create a  world-wide carbon tax on each person, and each animal. In short, critics say, a tax just for breathing.

The proposed carbon tax is real legislation called, Cap and Trade, passed last year in the House, but stalled in the Senate. Opponents claim that the driving force behind Cap and Trade is Agenda 21, a United Nations document signed by President George Bush in 1992 and later implemented by President Bill Clinton thru Executive Order.

Congress did not vote on Agenda 21, and no public debate took place on the document created in Brazil, at the “Earth Summit,” an event headed up by a man called, “Mr. Earth,” – Maurice Strong, creator of the Crestone Colorado community, Baca Grande.

Maurice Strong is a Canadian oilman, a United Nations executive, and advisor to Presidents of numerous nations. He created and managed the “Earth Summit” which produced Agenda 21 in association with European elitists like Prince Charles and Prince Phillip.

Today Agenda 21 is promoted under the title ‘Sustainable Development’ or ‘Bio-diversity.’   For conservatives in the USA, the most heinous provisions include purposeful population reduction, the erasing of national sovereignty, reduction of wealth in the industrialized nations, and the transfer of resources to poor nations. One blatant provision is the ‘dumbing down’ of bright students, because ‘well-educated people tend to consume more of the earth’s resources.’

Yes, Agenda 21 is real, signed into a form of ‘law’ by two US Presidents, and implemented through the United Nations organization UNESCO.  You can obtain the document online and read the provisions. Critics claim that Agenda 21 was the source of President Bush’s “grand idea” — a New World Order of law administered by the United Nations and funded by a world-wide carbon tax. That’s the big picture. Now let’s look at the facts.

Most scientific studies indicate that a small degree of global warming exists, but no models can predict any regional changes. Nothing is certain.The issue started out as “Global Warming,” but a safer title was adopted: “Climate Change.” Either way, the basic thrust is that mankind is adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere thus causing the earth to warm, climate to change, oceans to rise, ice to melt, animals and people to migrate.

But many experts do not accept Global Warming as a valid theory. Former CSU professor Bill Gray, Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Science and a world expert on hurricanes, stated in 2006 that current theories of human-induced global warming are promoted by government leaders and environmentalists seeking to create world government.  He believes that humans are not responsible for the warming of the earth and has stated that “We’re brainwashing our children.”

In the last few years, hundreds of expert scientists have stated that no solid evidence exists to prove carbon dioxide causes any climate change.  “This scare will run its course,” Gray said. “In 15–20 years, we’ll look back and see what a hoax this was.” Professor Gray and others agree that cycles of warming and cooling do exist, but carbon dioxide levels follow temperature increases.

In a 2007 BBC documentary, The Great Global Warming Swindle, Professor John Christy, Professor of Atmospheric Science, University of Huntsville Alabama said, “No data support a global warming theory. “  He said former Vice-President Al Gore’s documentary, “Inconvenient Truth” correctly stated a correlation, but Gore deleted a primary fact. “A correlation exists,” said Christy, “but carbon dioxide levels lag 800 years behind the temperature rise. Obviously carbon dioxide is not the cause of temperature increase. Quite the opposite. The most fundamental theory of global warming is absolutely wrong,” he said. “None of the major climate changes of the last 10,000 years were caused by carbon dioxide,” said Dr. Piers Corbin, a Climate Forecaster. “The conclusions are politically driven,” said Professor Philip Stott, University of London. “Global warming is pure propaganda, a distortion of a whole area of science for political purposes. The goal is to hinder industrial progress, and to prevent economic development. Global warming has become a religion, and people who disagree are called heretics,” “Anybody who says carbon dioxide is responsible for temperature increases during the 21st century just has not looked at the basic numbers,” said Professor Patrick Michaels, University of Virginia’s Dept of Environmental Sciences.  Patrick Moore, founder of Green Peace said, “Global warming has become a political tool of ex-hippies and peace-niks. After the Berlin wall fell, they needed a new cause and they turned to global warming to advance their anti-capitalist, anti-economic development agenda.”

According to the anti-global warming scientists in this documentary, a more likely cause of increased carbon dioxide is the impact of sun activity on the oceans. According to their scenario, the oceans hold most of the carbon dioxide on earth.  When the surface of an ocean warms, carbon dioxide is released. Oceans are so big, and so deep that a lag results of about 800 years. Data shows an exact correlation between solar activity and temperatures on earth with the carbon dioxide levels lagging behind by 800 years.

“Current warming began long before cars or electricity. Even in modern times, no evidence exists that carbon dioxide levels have determined temperature change. Carbon dioxide levels simply do not affect temperature,” said Professor Christy.

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