Lang defends administrator salary, says they work more than teachers

by Jack Minor –


District 6 Superintendent Ranelle Lang has responded to criticism that a teacher who has been teaching in district classrooms for over 25 years is making less than the new communications director by saying the amount is justified because administrators work more days than teachers.


Theresa Myers, who previously worked for the Greeley Tribune editorial board was recently hired to replace former Communications Director Roger Fiedler who left to pursue a career with the Mid-Continent Regional Education Lab. Myers had worked for the Tribune for over two decades and had been on the editorial board since 2009.


The editorial board has come out in support of same-sex marriage and also recently criticized Colorado Secretary of State, Scott Gessler, for looking into allegations of voter fraud, saying it “wasn’t an issue.”


The paper also wrote a scathing editorial during the court martial of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, the Army doctor who was dismissed from the military and sentenced to prison after he refused to deploy because he questioned Barack Obama’s eligibility for office.


Lakin, who is from Greeley, was compared by the paper to another local resident who murdered transvestite Angie Zapata.


In announcing the hiring it was revealed that Myers would be earning a base salary of $71,000 a year, not counting benefits. The district received 45 applications for the position. Of those six were determined to be “highly qualified” and received interviews.


Myers’ salary prompted a Greeley resident to pen a letter to the Tribune over what they felt was an exorbitant salary compared to teachers in the district.


The letter stated they have a teacher in their family with a master’s degree who has been teaching in the District 6 classrooms for over 25 years and currently oversees about 200 students. The letter also says she frequently has 10 hour days, grades papers on weekends and has continuing education requirements during the summer. Despite this she says the teacher still is not making as much as Myers, who is new to the position with the district.


Superintendent Ranelle Lang stated the reason administrators such as Myers is that they work more than teachers do.


“There is a difference in the work calendar for administrators and teachers. A teacher contract is for 185 days; administrators are on a 260-day work schedule,” Lang said.


She went on to say teachers are compensated for work outside of the 7 ½ hour work day. Lang is currently making nearly $300,000 a year including benefits.


However, while the $71,000 salary for Myers may seem high, it is over $20,000 less than what her predecessor was making. Fiedler was making a base salary of $92,019 which does not include benefits.

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3 Responses to Lang defends administrator salary, says they work more than teachers

  1. Renee says:

    So what is the compensation teachers get for working longer than 7.5 hours a day.

    Also why is Theresa Myers worth $20,000 less than the male who had it before? While it is great to say the district is saving money the question must be asked why is Ms. Myers not making the same money that Fiedler was making.

  2. emolinar says:

    I have NEVER heard a more degrading comment out of Lang’s mouth by saying “that adminstrators work more than teachers”. Go teach for a week before making such an offensive comment. Provide some proof out of the budget that teacher’s get paid for extra time. That is the biggest flaw Lang has, she doesn’t appreciate those that work in the field while she sits in her pretty little office making what is way too much for what she produces. However, at least teachers have a heart and a love for students that does not come with a dollar sign AND with obviously with no appreciation from “administration!”

  3. emolinar says:

    Regardless of extra days. Theresa Myers makes $273.00 per day. Lang makes $1153 per day.

    The average teacher makes about $180 per day.

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