Voter fraud canard, really! Never in Minnesota.

By Craig Masters

Did you hear about that democrat candidate who was ask to resign after it was learned she had repeatedly voted in two states? How about that congressman’s campaign manager who gives voter fraud instructions – on video! That story was reported on CBS by Brian Montopoli October 24, 2012. The report said the field director for Virginia Democratic Rep. Jim Moran – his son Patrick Moran – resigned after being secretly recorded seemingly advising a conservative journalist masquerading as a supporter that utility bills could be used to aid in voter fraud.
But according to hairsplitting blogger, Earnest A. Canning, Al Franken and the Minnesota voters have seen through the ‘voter fraud’ lie spread by the GOP. Canning claims there is no voter fraud and the fact that Minnesota voters defeated a proposed voter ID law proves the whole fraud issue is a lie.
In his Nov. 7, 2012 article posted on a Minnesota website, Canning writes about how Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) “thoroughly demolished the credibility of top GOP “voter fraud” fraudster Hans Von Spakovsky and his “voter fraud” canard during the September 2011 hearings before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights.”
Now here’s the part of the story that explains what’s wrong with higher education and why a person like Obama gets elected – twice!
During those Democrat controlled Judiciary hearings in 2011, Loyola Law Professor Justin Levitt, in his written testimony, revealed that there had been nine “possible” cases of in person voter impersonation since 2000, out of more than 400 million votes cast. “Americans are struck and killed by lightning more often,” Levitt quipped.
Could this professor Justin from Loyola Law School possibly be this stupid? If not, does he think the senators he was testifying before were unable to understand his juvenile linguistics to distort reality? Is he representative of the instruction the students at Loyola Law School are getting? Probably.
Nevertheless, the sort of statement Justin gave the senate committee is all the democrats in Minnesota needed to campaign against the proposed voter ID law and allow those really perceptive Minnesota voters to see right through those GOP lies. The problem is the common expression that says “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” Under Minnesota law the standard for conviction is “ineligible voter knowingly votes.” Therefore if a convicted felon simply says he “accidently” voted, he will not be prosecuted and the vote counts. If he isn’t convicted, his crime is never considered “in person” fraud. Using the same logic of professor Justin, if an illegal voter mails in his ballot he wouldn’t be “in person” either. Therefore in the minds of democrats the fraud never happens.
Keep in mind that in Nov. 2008, Franken was elected by a margin of only 312 votes. Since that election, his margin has been completely erased by the number of voters actually convicted of fraud and the hundreds of others who pled innocent because, they claimed, they were ignorant of the law when admitting to fraudulently voting. Under the Constitution Franken should have been removed from the senate by the senate, but since he is a democrat the illegal votes were allowed to stand by the democrat controlled senate.
Understand here that there is a huge problem of voter fraud that all sides of the issue recognize. But in order to defraud the public of the truth, democrats break out the deceitful art of linguistics to create as many sub-classes of the crimes under which they can shuffle the occurrences to create such nonsense as the testimony of Professor Justin while reducing the chance of being accused of perjury.
Regarding the convictions of persons for voter fraud in the Franken 2008 election: “These convictions are just the tip of the iceberg,” said Minnesota Majority president Jeff Davis. “The actual number of illegal votes cast was in the thousands. Most unlawful voters were never charged with a crime because they simply pled ignorance. We have evidence of these people casting illegal ballots, but in Minnesota, ignorance of election law is considered to be an acceptable defense.”
But voter fraud is a myth unless someday one of these voters becomes a republican!

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