Rogue School Board Member Frustrated, But Determinedb

by Brett Reese,

I have never seen the level of extreme censorship exercised by the majority of this board and Superintendent Lang.  I realized coming onto this board I would be the lone vote on many issues.  That I would be the only voice of reason and would have to stand alone in representing taxpayers and parents was expected and welcomed.  But the status quo and self-preservation of this board are equalled only by ignoring teachers (I hear you Greeley Central-you brave souls), and unashamedly publicizing selective student achievements.

Between Roger Fiedler’s promotions machine and the Greeley Tribune’s selective story choices and wordsmithing, it’s really no wonder our schools and our community are in disarray.   It’s time for truth.  The Greeley Gazette has reached 6,000 unique  readers, both online and hardcopy.  The Tribune can no longer censor my discoveries; I print them here and at .

What truly bothers me and should bother everyone within Administration building-earshot is the fact that I am censored.  There is not a single employee of the district that can meet with a duly elected District 6 board member without the consent, monitoring and personal presence of Ranelle Lang.  Ever.  I had more access when I was an anonymous citizen of the community!

This is terrifying mostly because it reflects the stonewalling experienced by our teachers, students and parents!  And if anyone speaks up…well, the District is cutting 113 jobs next year (most through attrition). I will continue to fight this socialist- nay- communist philosophy.  Reader, I hope you will help the rest of the board understand the need for openness, communication, listening and changing old, worn out policies if they need changed.  You may have to do it at the polls in 18 months.

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