A message from Senator Mark Udall

by Craig Masters

Udall's letter calls for republicans to compromise and raise taxes

This week Senator Udall sent out an email with the subject line: “Compromise isn’t a dirty word.” His message is that the Republicans need to be reprogrammed into believing that “compromise is not capitulation,” in working with the administration to solve the approaching budget crisis. Of course to those who pay in more than they receive, every compromise costs them more of their money and puts government more in charge of their property.

Udall, who has a record indicating he is one of the laziest thinkers in the laziest senate in US history, writes that he has been a “big advocate of using the Simpson-Bowels model as a starting point for a deficit reduction plan.” He also writes about how he “led the majority of Colorado’s congressional delegation in urging Senate leaders…to consider a sensible deficit-reduction plan.” That’s about as definitive as claiming to be in favor of clean water. The photo included with this article is of the jpg file included with the email in which other Colorado members of congress embarrass themselves by demonstrating a lack of clarity of message and professional obfuscation to speak or write without saying anything that can be defined.

Udall is an Obama supporter. He has supported nearly every Colorado anti-energy proposal the President has implemented through illegal and over-reaching use of regulatory agencies. He has not once fought to support a budget – the first and most important job of the Congress. He has supported one continuing resolution after another to give Obama more and more money to strengthen the power of central government – and therefore those currently in power and control of both major political parties.

His record in the Senate demonstrates that Udall does not agree that the central government has become a crushing weight on the backs of only about half the country’s citizens. In this latest email solicitation for support, he writes that he wants those who have been elected to try to reduce the growth of this burden and perilous power to compromise their principles in order to allow more debt to finance more government. He includes in the email a photo file (.jpg) of a letter urging a “bipartisan deficit-reduction plan.” But the letter suggest that additional revenues need to be found using “overhauls” to the tax code. In other words, raise taxes to allow more central government spending to increase its power, by using some of those those new revenues to increase vote purchasing programs.

The letter, supposedly addressed to the leadership of both major parties in the House and Senate, is clear to avoid any specific suggestions for any spending cuts. It also avoids using the term ‘tax increases.’ It does however call for tax code reform – which is the modern term Obama uses to mean tax increases on those he calls “the rich.”



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