Al Gore makes millions in anti-American cable deal

by Craig Masters

The military web news updates were buzzing yesterday with the announcement that democrat leader and former vice-president Al Gore is projected to make some $100 million dollars in the reported $500 million sale of his floundering Current TV cable channel to the news outlet made famous by Osama bin Laden and coverage of Al Qaeda terrorists, Qatar-backed Al Jazeera.

Headlines of a Dick Morris op-ed published today read, “Al Gore, Joel Hyatt Sell Out Israel.” Morris explains the hypocrisy of Gore’s position of claiming to support Israel in public and then opening the media doors to some forty million American homes by selling Current TV to the outspoken anti-American/anti-Israeli propaganda arm of Muslim controlled Al Jazeera.

This is only the latest in a series by the influence-peddling democrat insider who has amassed more wealth in the past 12 years than Mitt Romney in his entire lifetime. According to Forbes and public records, when Gore left the administration in 2001 with a total net worth of less than $2million, “his most valuable asset was a Tennessee farm pasture worth less than $250,000.” Conservative estimates by Forbes analysts put Gore’s net worth today at over $300 million. Much of that wealth is safe from new Obama tax increases on the wealthy because it is kept off shore in money management firms exempt from US taxes and banking regulations prohibiting dealings with countries and companies designated as having anti-American interests.

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