Was Hillary on another anti-Israeli mission?

by Craig Masters

The C-12Huron is used for VIP transport by US Armed Forces

Tehran, Iran, December 30, 2012 a story posted on Associated Press by Nasser Karimi
Headline: “Iran announces US private plane crash landing 3 weeks ago, plane repaired.

Iran state TV reported the incident as if it were no big deal at all! “The report stated that a small American commercial plane left Iran Sunday (Dec 30, 2012) after it was repaired following an emergency landing at an Iranian airport this month.” state TV reported.

The report said the plane was forced to land about 16 days ago at the airport of Ahvaz, Iran, according to the head of the state-owned Iran Airports Company, Mahmoud Rasoulinejad, in his interview with Iran TV.

Rasoulinejad said three passengers almost immediately left Iran for “Arab countries in the Gulf,” but the plane remained under repair in the airport. The delay was due to the need for spare parts and completion of the repairs.
ABC News reported a separate story as reported by Iran state TV that said the Falcon-900 plane had one passenger and two crew members. The plane was reportedly repaired by a French team flown into the Ahvaz airport from Abu Dhabi. The Falcon-900 is used primarily by the French Air Force as a passenger transport for VIP’s. The C-12 Huron has a similar mission for the US Military. The Iranian crash reports cited by Russian Intelligence only mentions a C-12 and not the Falcon-900.

On Monday, December 31, 2012, the European Union Times reported that the Foreign Military Intelligence Directorate for the General Staff of the Russian Armed (GRU) had filed a report to the Russian military leaders in the Kremlin that United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was injured and a top US Navy SEAL team commander was killed when their small military passenger aircraft crashed landed in Ahvaz, Iran. The GRU (Russian Intelligence) quoted Iranian intelligence agents who confirmed the identity of the dead US Navy SEAL as Job W. Price.

Commander Price was reported killed in a “non-combat incident” by US Military sources in Afghanistan.

In the meantime, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s admittance to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital Monday, Dec, 31 – with a blood clot caused by concussion – gave wings to a cloud of rumor and conspiracy theories surrounding her state of health. The hospital, where Saudi King Abdullah was also treated two years ago, stated that the Secretary was receiving anti-coagulants and her condition would be assessed after 48 hours.

However, NBC television’s medical correspondent, Robert Bazell, was skeptical about the blood clot being caused by an earlier concussion because, he said, it if were, it would not be treated with anti-coagulants. “So either it’s not really related to the concussion and she’s got a blood clot in her leg or something, or there’s something else going on that we’re not being told.”

It is no surprise that the US State Department denies Clinton was in Iran. But sources around the world have confirmed that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had earlier landed in Ahvaz on what was officially called an “unscheduled” visit

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