Sandi Patty to share life through music in Greeley


by Jack Minor –




Multi-platinum contemporary Christian artist Sandi Patty says she is looking forward to coming to Greeley this Friday where she plans to offer a message of hope as she brings a story through her songs that is intended to uplift God’s people in the midst of economic uncertainty.




Patty will be performing at the Greeley Wesleyan Church on Friday, January 25th at 7 p.m. Those interested in tickets can go to




Patty told the Gazette that her concert will convey a theme intended to offer reassurance to people that despite the economic crisis and concern over other social issues that God is in charge.




“I intend to present a theme that says whatever we might be experiencing in our lives whether it’s globally or personally, we have a God who is faithful right in the midst of it,” Patty said. “I started saying this little phrase and you keep saying it ‘God’s got this.’ ”




She explained she wants to share with the audience a tour of the events in her life in order to show them that regardless of what trials may come, God is still able to use a believer for his glory.




“I’m planning on hitting a lot of the favorites and a few new songs as well as sharing a little bit of my heart through the music,” she explained.  “I try to tell a story through all of the songs that I will be singing. It’s kind of a journey through my own life and how music has found a place in my heart. Music helps me tell that story best. I think it’s just going to be a wonderful evening I’m so looking forward to it.”




For many in Greeley the past few years have been difficult as residents have struggled along with the rest of the country with stagnant wages and job losses. This has caused many people to make difficult decisions in regards to their personal budgets.




Sandi Patty said she understands their concerns and her family has faced similar concerns as well.




“Those of us in the entertainment and arts industry have felt the impact of the economy in terms of dollars, record sales or concerts ticket sales. I realize this is a reflection of the hard times my fans are facing. The economic issues are impacting all of us and it has even affected the choices that our family has had to make as well. For instance, do we go to the movies or stay at home and watch Netflix while ordering a pizza.”




She went on to say that over the past few years she has seen a difference in the spirit and atmosphere of her audiences as they struggle with the financial and spiritual cares of the world.




“I have noticed that audience members seem to have more of an attitude of needing to show up to get a little respite from the burdens and cares of the world,” she noted. “It’s not in the sense of forgetting about the struggles we face, it’s more about all of us setting them aside for a moment and allowing ourselves to be refreshed and renewed.”




She explained that while many have told her she has been a blessing to them through her music, she wants to let her audiences know the feeling is reciprocated by them.



“The audience refreshes and renews me as well. It’s very sweet.”


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