Learning about 2nd Congressional Dist. Rep.Jared Polis

By Craig Masters

Caution about the new immigration policy

Many constituents in the Colorado 2nd Congressional District may have received representative Jared Polis’ email this week in support of Obama’s immigration reforms. He opens his plea for support with a short story of his great-grandparents, Bertha and Mendel Polis, immigrating “After living under the terror and persecution of the Tzar and the Cossacks.” Of course he avoids the part of their story that might tell us whether or not Bertha and Mendel were legal immigrants.

Since Rep. Polis declined to attend virtually every candidate ‘meet and greet’ in the district held outside of his close circle of support, few of the families east of Boulder know much about him. Time Lists says he was the first openly gay freshman elected to Congress when he won his seat in 2008. He does not personally choose to follow the family values of his immigrant ancestors. He strongly supports the idea that the Defense of Marriage Act is wrong and the central government should redefine marriage to be whatever relationships people want with whomever or whatever. He supports illegal immigration and the rewards it reaps for the illegals if they can simply hold out long enough. He supports the selective enforcement of laws and does not support separation of powers at the federal level. His record of votes indicates he supports allowing Obama to rule the country like a third-world dictator so long as he is exempted as a member of the ruling party. His record in office is undeniable: he can not dispute his recorded votes.

Understanding these core beliefs is important to understanding why Polis supports Obama’s amnesty program – the politically correct sound bite name is “the path to citizenship.” He has supported Obama directing the Justice Department under Eric Holder to send federal agents into the states to arrest state law enforcement officials for upholding the laws Obama himself ordered his central government agents not to enforce. He did not vote to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. Instead he took the cowardly course to the House exit doors and joined so many others in his party who refused to let the record show their position of support for the criminal behavior of the only U.S. Cabinet member in American history to be held in contempt-of-congress.

His email admits, “Our disgraceful immigration system is broken and inconsistent with our values as Americans. Our current system promotes disregard for the rule of law, provides insufficient border security, and is an affront to our sovereignty.” He continues to proclaim that the “current system also tears families apart through unjust laws…” But he fails to identify what he means as “values as Americans.” He fails to admit he supports the “disregard of the rule of law,” when it doesn’t follow the ideology of Obama. And as for “sovereignty,” he has yet to support any program presented in Congress that would protect U.S. sovereignty by securing our borders; including the current Democrat/Obama proposals.

The email omits a few facts that distinguish the America his great-grandparents found in 1905 from the America he supports today. Most likely his ancestors immigrated legally. There was no welfare program, no birth tourism industry, no feminists demanding ‘appropriate’ adjustments to job requirements or homosexuals being given legal advantages over others without a legal means to determine who really is and who simply chooses to live the lifestyle.

The America in 1905 would have not accepted Obama repeatedly using executive orders to stop federal agents from enforcing immigration laws, prosecute states which dare to uphold the laws Polis labels as “unjust,” and ignore the Constitutional limits placed both on the federal government and specifically on the executive branch. Sadly, Polis can’t ask his ancestors if they would have willingly supported the orders of Czars finally declared illegally appointed.

Polis’ great-grandparents knew the horrible oppressive life of living under the rule of unaccountable rulers – like Czars. They risk more than most of us will ever understand to seek “freedom” in America. There is no doubt they would be ashamed of their great-grandson’s support to impose on ‘their’ America nearly everything they risked life and fortune to escape.

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One Response to Learning about 2nd Congressional Dist. Rep.Jared Polis

  1. ned marshak says:

    You are an adiot. Mr. Polis’ great grandparent’s would haven been incredibly proud of Jared. His family’s story is the story of the American dream come true. Jared’s famiily worked incredibly hard to overcome prejudice from no-nothings like you who wanted America to keep out the dirty, slimy kikes from russia and eastern europe. people like you are afraid of your shadows. get a life.

    ned marshak

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