Women won’t need to be combat fighters.

by Craig Masters

The subject line of this week’s military newsletter read: “17% of Marines Would Leave Over Women in Combat.”

With the approval of the transfer to China of defense critical battery technology, our defense department spent millions of dollars developing, the Obama administration has now transformed America from super-power status to subordinate-to-? status. Our computer chips, our missile guidance system technology, and the always effective morale-busting action of affirmative action quotas being used to promote less qualified combat patrol leaders.

In comments on the controversial presidential order to allow women to serve in front line combat positions: gunbunyy476 writes,” As our twice elected CinC he knows what is best. As our Dear Leader we must follow his orders. He is The Won exalted above all others in the land. His word shall be law.”

If there are very many in the military who believe what ‘gunbunny476’ wrote in that comment, the United States military has all but been defeated from within by our own political system.

The historical success of the ‘band of brothers’ is not just a movie title. Nine men working to kill or be killed under stressful combat conditions for days or weeks on end have created the kind of trust that drives men to sacrifice themselves to save their brothers. Never mind the fact that men’s brains don’t even develop the concept of ‘risk’ as early in life as women’s.

But the reality is that the basic concept of a front line on a conflict may be obsolete. To drop an American airborne weapons platform out of the sky, all the enemy has to do is activate a mole virus in the on board computer chips. Chips our military actually buys from China! To stop our defense missiles in their tracks all the enemy has to do is sell us “defective” batteries. Maybe like those ones grounding the Boeing fleet these days? Combining defective batteries and a chip infected with a mole virus would render our drones as useless as a child’s kite on a calm day.

Now what about all the recent cyber attacks on our largest banks? The FBI has stood behind their claim that these successful attacks were the work of the Iranian government. Is China Iran’s largest trading partner?

The cyber attacks this week that penetrated the Department of Energy were blamed directly on China. The information obtained from more than two dozen servers is more than enough to cause major interruption in our energy grid. Not considering the fact that the success of the attack itself would be a knowledge basis for using the information stolen. Remember, our energy grid calls on nuclear power plants as well as any others to step up output on demand. What if that demand didn’t really exist? Lines and equipment all across the system would burn, pop, and melt down in a scale that makes the Superbowl blackout an insignificant anomaly.

When we consider our nation has no border protection, no money to repair any serious damage to our infrastructure, our military systems litterally depending on foreign suppliers who may or may not be our enemies, and our population already nearly equally divided against itself, the chances are the women on the combat lines will be our neighbors anyway.

Is the fundamental transformation of America is all but complete? When the time comes, “the Won exulted above others in the land,” will hopefully let us know when to lay down our arms and surrender. Wait, we have already been told to lay down our arms, the “Dear Leader” just hasn’t told us where to put them.

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