Civil Union Ceremonies, on track to take away your Property Rights

by Craig Masters

It just doesn’t seem possible to “hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” when one group demands supremacy over all others. Such is the case of homosexuals today in Colorado. The current “civil union” legislation, as written and being supported by too many elected officials, is specifically designed not to ensure equality of access but to enforce advantage of some over others. Advantages that will open the path for abuse by those who will use these laws to seek fortune for themselves or to punish their adversaries.

The simple recognition of civil unions would be fine. The people who choose this arrangement for their lives would be free to do so, so long as they were not allowed to force others to participate. But the democrats in the Colorado legislature seem more intent on revenge than a minor tweak to the laws. Their proposed law says one person must yield his personal beliefs and his property rights to the wishes of another without making any provision to prevent fraud and abuse. In their haste to punish Colorado voters who voted to define marriage as a bond between one man and one woman, this proposed law makes no effort to exclude those who would pretend to deserve the special advantages of forcing others to give up personal beliefs and property Rights.

To allow any couple to join together in a legal sense is not objectionable in and of itself. However, the Colorado legislature and their homosexual constituency is not satisfied to allow our state to recognize civil unions as a legal arrangement between two adults. The civil union bill now steam rolling its way into law is an absolute and violent attack upon the self-evident truths of the Declaration of Independence for which Americans have died for so many generations.

The supporters of the Colorado civil union bill, almost exclusively democrats, insist that the lifestyle of a small minority of only about 2 or 3 percent of the population be forced upon the persons and properties of the entire population. Not by acceptance of the ‘unions’ under the law, but by forcing churches, ministers, individuals and their properties to actively participate in the ceremonies which will celebrate these unions.

This is not a matter of recognizing a legal arrangement between any two adults or giving homosexuals and these unions protection under civil rights’ laws. The advancing civil union law is designed specifically to punish anyone who wishes to be left alone. Anyone who dares to choose to not be an active participant in others’ ceremonies will be subject to civil and criminal punishment. It offers no protection whatsoever to anyone from being taken advantage of by impostors, pretenders, and thieves. In fact it encourages dishonesty and fraud by rewarding civil advantages to those who do not deserve them.

As a minimum, if the Colorado civil union law is to be forced upon the citizens, a standard for identifying who is allowed to force their will upon others must be defined within the law. A standard that prevents just anyone from claiming the special advantages currently written into the bill and taking control over other citizens’ Rights and property. But no such clause has been included.

Since 1991, scientists around the world have repeatedly identified specific traits associated with male homosexuality. And while there are currently no successful studies which identify female sexuality, at least Colorado legislators should incorporate ‘eligibility’ standards for men who will be allowed special advantages over other citizens’ Rights. Although it may not currently be possible to define ‘eligibility’ for females who claim to be homosexuals, eliminating male impostors or pretenders would offer some protection against fraudulent use of the proposed law.

The United States National Cancer Institute in Washington, D.C. has worked with the University of Colorado and the Whitebread Institute in Cambridge, MA, on the genetics specific to male homosexuality. Theses studies reviewed by one of the UCLA Schools of Medicine and reported on in Discover Magazine discuss such identifiers as a ‘gene switch’ action. Another UCLA associated study of cadaver brains identified specific abnormalities in men who had lived as homosexuals.

As recently as December 11, 2012, the New York Daily News reported, “Scientists Uncover Possible Source of Homosexuality'” in a story that discusses that homosexuality may be passed from parents to opposite-sex offspring through something called ‘epi-genetics.’ This study is possibly going to slow the funding for the definitive search for the “gay gene” which has become a highly controversial research program – mostly as a result of the gay community actively fighting any effort to medically identify and define a homosexual.

In the final analysis, if homosexual behavior is a “lifestyle choice,” as most who live it claim it to be, then such a choice must carry with it consequences – like every other choice every one of us makes every day. It must not be rewarded by promoting this lifestyle above the Rights given the rest of us by our Creator. Neither must it not be allowed to take away the personal property rights of some citizens for the enjoyment of others. In its current form it does both of these things!

If it is not a “lifestyle choice” then it should be defined as a specific physical characteristic. Choose whichever system or all systems which provide the best guidelines. Then and only then should those who claim they are ‘disadvantaged’ under the law be elevated in a manner that assures equal treatment without taking away the Rights of others.

No matter how the civil union bill is finalized into law, the one action that should not be written into any man-made law is the action of overriding our God given Right to our freedom from being forced to celebrate someone else’s ‘religion.’ In its current form that is exactly what the Democrats in the Colorado legislature are doing. They are assuming a higher power over our Right to be free of having a religion forced upon us than God!

Do something to stop this destruction of your Rights. Its not about a legal union between adults, it’s all about revenge for defining marriage in our state Constitution!


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3 Responses to Civil Union Ceremonies, on track to take away your Property Rights

  1. Gregory Peterson says:

    Geeze…. Can’t you guys not talk like 1950s racists? Sure “race” and “homosexuality” are different, but they’re both social constructs with a lot of discredited baggage.

  2. John Wren says:

    Thanks Craig, we’ve posted this on our website and would welcome you and others reading this to join our effort to get SB11 referred to the voters of Colorado.

  3. wrongheifer says:

    This is horrid…This will not fly as long as I have breath!

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