Socially engineering a Dis-armed America.

by Craig Masters
The open display of contempt for the Constitution and the people of Colorado was exemplified this week in the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee as several anti-public interest bills moved through the democrat-dominated committee. These bills are being rushed into law without any debate or explanation of how these elitists can possibly justify their disgusting unconstitutional attempts to totally enslave everyone not sitting in the plush surroundings of the capitol.

In addition to protecting sexual predators by throwing Jessica’s Law into the trash, they also seem to have decided to make it easier for repeat criminals to claim insanity as a defense for their actions. Perhaps in the most obvious attempt to preserve their rule, democrat-dominated committees moved forward with their plans to create more criminal safe areas by stripping law-abiding citizens of their Constitutional Right to self defense. This open attack on the Second Amendment is an important step in their ultimate goal to disarm all law abiding citizens. Combined with the popular attacks on the First, Fourth, Sixth, and Tenth Amendments, these openly aggressive moves clearly mirror the Nazi movement of the 1930’s Germany.

The evidence is overwhelming that creating criminal safe areas in schools and colleges will increase the opportunity for more mass killings like Columbine, the Aurora theater, and Sandy Hook Elementary. The motive for these elitist democrats to sacrifice a few dozen more innocent people is to “prove” just how important it is for them to disarm the general public. Every tyrannical government in history was successful only so long as the citizens were unable to fight for freedom. Ironically, Obama and the elitist democrats know this as evidenced by their continuing efforts to arm the oppressed Islamic “freedom fighters” throughout the world. The administration justifies nearly all of our current military action as necessary to help people in these countries overthrow oppressive regimes pretending to be democratically elected in elections ripe with vote fraud. Yet, here at home, the administration has virtually declared war on Americans who legally own the means to defend themselves and their property while boldly trafficking in the very arms they claim to want to outlaw.

Make no mistake about what is happening right now in the one-party system of the Colorado legislature. The democrats are openly displaying their party’s historical support for slavery and the Obama style programs of revenge against, and hatred for, the successful and independent people of Colorado. The passage of a bill to allow civil unions would have been acceptable. But simply creating a law allowing legal recognition of non-traditional unions between people was never what this was about.

The mainstream politically correct press refuses to report the reality of the civil union bill being rammed through the legislature without any debate. It is not now and never has been about family values or civility. It’s about setting up a framework to justify replacing our Constitution. It’s about proving that the democrats are fully in charge. It’s about proving to the republicans and the citizens who would dare to support them that the traditions of America are no longer significant. Its about proving the Bill of Rights is an old, outdated document that no longer applies in the new society ruled by today’s social engineering elitists. And it’s about the idea that Freedom from a State mandated Religion is unacceptable in the new order society ruled with an iron fist by the politically correct. The Colorado civil union bill is the perfect model for everything the Obama era democrats have hoped for under their program to fundamentally transform America.

Since the federally mandated emancipation of slaves ( a republican ideology) was forced upon the divided nation by the horrific struggle so inappropriately called the “Civil” War, the democrat party has fought hard to re-establish itself as the ruling class that forces citizens to be subservient. How else can anyone explain the historical position of the democrat party which fought the civil rights bills of the 1960’s? How else can anyone explain why the democrats in control of Washington for nearly every session of Congress since the 1950’s, created the programs that destroyed the strength of the black family and built welfare programs that enslaved more and more people? They created and promoted the education standards that have proven to promote ignorance and loyalty to a central government.

In the old South, plantation owners had an economic motivation to maintain their slaves in good health. A healthy slave could do a lot more work than a sickly undernourished one. The plantations were self-supporting or they declined into ruin. They needed everyone to contribute “their fair share” of the productivity of the whole. Good ‘masters’ on prosperous plantations received a great deal of loyalty from their slaves. In fact, anecdotal evidence suggest more blacks fought with the Confederacy than fought with the Union during the “civil” war.

This is understandable in today’s context when considering that once a person is trained in the federal schools to understand that the central government is the source of all food, shelter, and medicine, that person will forever vote to keep and increase his security. Fear of starving, being without shelter, or being left to die of illness for lack of medical treatment is today the key to convincing people to trade freedom for security and accept the rise of tyrannical power. This is clearly what is playing out in America today.

In the new order of Obama’s America, as being demonstrated by the Colorado democrats, loyalty is derived through handouts: food, shelter and medicine. But unlike the slaves of the old South who helped earn their keep, today the loyalty of the ‘slaves’ of the democrats is being paid for by taxing those who produce to build the power of the central government which hands out just enough to the ‘slaves’ to avoid another “civil” war.

The transformation is close, as soon as the those who pay for the lavish lifestyle of the ruling class are disarmed, it will come upon us Fast and Furiously.

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