Intolerance Is Out Of The Closet

by Connie Breen

Several teenage minors, were given the following questions on a questionnaire regarding sex and sexual orientation, at a school and local government-sanctioned event here in Greeley.

These are only a few of the questions posed to them under the guise of diversity training.

–          What do you think caused your heterosexuality?

–          Is it possible your heterosexuality is just a phase that you might grow out of or that you’re just experimenting?

–          If you’ve never slept with someone of the same sex and enjoyed it, is it possible that all you need is a good same-sex lover?

These 3 questions are only a few taken from the questionnaire distributed to Teenagers at the so-called “Youth Diversity Summit” paid for by the City of Greeley. *see the entire questionnaire on-line at

A City organizer, C.J. Archibeque, was contacted to investigate the allegations of students being indoctrinated into homosexual behavior.  However, as of press time Archibeque had not responded to calls from the Gazette for a statement.

The Greeley Gazette was able to contact parents of some of the teens attending the summit.  Several were angry, but did not wish to be identified for fear of reprisal for seeming to be intolerant.

“The entire handout was offensive and intolerant to anyone who had a different view about homosexuality,” one concerned parent shared.  “A panelist told our teenagers to leave after being asked a question about STD statistics.  They said the study my teenager cited was ‘old,’ but they couldn’t site a legitimate study or newer resource.  Instead of answering the question they pushed our kids out the door.  We called the city to find out why we, as taxpayers, we were paying for such a thing.  I think it’s horrible, and so did our kids.”

The minor child who was abruptly asked to leave the summit, sat down with the Greeley Gazette to interview.

Question: After attending, what do you believe was the focus of this GLBTA class?

Answer:  Well, it wasn’t a class on how to respect others viewpoints or lifestyles.  I think it was a class that attacked everyone who didn’t agree with them.  I was shocked that they were telling us, teenagers, about watching ‘gay porn’ and challenging anyone who was heterosexual.  But the biggest point I felt was ridiculous was when they said we need gay people in society for the world to survive.  This somehow solves overpopulation problems.  That doesn’t make any sense. – if we only had homosexuals we would go extinct!”

Question:  What did you tell your parents about the class?

Answer:  I showed them the materials they handed out.  I wanted them to know what that panel was teaching us.

Question:  Did you feel your views were acknowledged?

Answer:  No.  One of them was talking about burning Focus on the Family literature.  Her mom had received literature from Focus on the Family, something about saving her, and they burned it.  It seemed they hated everyone else who didn’t share their viewpoints.

The GLBTA panel stated publicly that all studies regarding their issues are biased.  They further suppressed queries by stating the references cited by various teenagers were too old.  However, their own handouts contained resources from studies as old as 1948 which have now been largely discredited.

This issue will continue to be contentious, and many parents are angered, not just at the material but at the sanctioning groups.  One unknown parent commented, ” My children attended this summit, and I have since read through the materials they collected from the sessions. The gay and lesbian summit was a thinly-veiled recruiting effort. If our local educators and city officials think this is going to happen again next year, think again. I’m looking for a public apology from Lang, City Council and everyone else connected to this piece of garbage. Thanks Gazette for reporting on this when no one else brought out these facts.”

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One Response to Intolerance Is Out Of The Closet

  1. Kathleen says:

    Ah, I see you polished up that other article on this same event. I always felt it needed a good rewrite.

    Look, if you disrespect your readership enough to wave a red cape in front of their faces and call it reportage, that’s your business. But how many times do you expect it to work? Can we expect a third installment in this series, perhaps entitled “why is that Christians have to apologize for the truth, but homosexuals are allowed to make demonizing remarks against anybody who opposes their views.” (sic)? That one came from a commenter on the first thread, too. You know, like that quote in your final paragraph. The one written by Inigo.

    As for the contentions made in this article, other commenters and I have already addressed most of them. I’ll recap.

    The panelists’ rudeness was fabricated.
    The porn endorsement was imaginary.
    The weighing of STI statistics and “studies as old as 1948” was a false equivalence.
    The claim that the event was tax funded was a lie.

    The questionnaire is a new one, and a nice try at that. These questions have been floating around on the Internet for a good long time now. They were taken from this document, used in Safe Zone training. If you’re too outraged to read all the way to the bottom of the page, you might miss this quote at the end:

    ‘The intent of this questionnaire is to ask heterosexuals the questions, typically asked of
    homosexuals. By trying to answer these kinds of questions, one can gain some insight into how
    oppressive and discriminatory a “straight” frame of reference can be to gays and lesbians.’

    Get that? They’re messages that gays and lesbians receive daily, but which heterosexuals are almost never faced with. In other words, the questionnaire is a thought experiment, and furthermore it’s meant to be a little insulting. But if that’s what you think indoctrination looks like, then all I can say is that I hope you never turn on a TV. You might never stop shopping at all the places the commercials told you to go to.

    I don’t think teenagers are that gullible. Perhaps you’re hoping your own readers are.

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