Former Greeley resident wants Ten Commandments everywhere in America

A former Greely resident who has been placing Ten Commandment billboards and displays around the country for several years has said he is excited about WND founder Joseph Farah’s new billboard campaign to remind the public of their accountability to God’s moral law.


“If between us we can put thousands of these billboards and displays up, I truly believe America could turn around from the moral decay we have been seeing,” Philip Klevmoen founder of God’s Ten Commandments said.


Klevmoen founded the ministry in 2005 to draw people’s hearts back to God through public displays of the Ten Commandments along with scripture verses to convict people of their need to establish a relationship with God. The ministry provides banners as well as magnets and t-shirts of various sizes for display on vehicles.


“My goal is to have it where everywhere a person goes they will see the word of God, which will pierce their soul and remind them they are accountable for their sin before God,” he explained. “People can put it on the tailgates of their pickups or the sides of their vehicles. When a person is stuck behind or beside them in traffic they have God’s Ten Commandments in front of them where they cannot help but read them.”


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