Adultery joins list of Democrat approved behaviors.

By Craig Masters
Denver, March 22, 2013
The political party that forced into law the mandatory acceptance of the sexual behavior of homosexuals now claims it wants to stay out of people’s bedrooms! Democrats who sponsored the bill to legalize adultery claimed that is their position. But the very opposite seems to be the case as Governor Hickenlooper placed his signature on the law and thereby repealing another of the Ten Commandments and the moral standards on which America was founded.

The crime of adultery has now been eliminated by the hand of Hickenlooper, who penned into the law a democrat supported bill which illustrates that he and the democrats of the Colorado legislature believe they are the ‘chosen’ to over rule the Commandments from the hand of God.

The legislation that Gov. John Hickenlooper signed Friday March 22, removes what democrat sponsors say is an outdated 19-century statute. Using the logic of the Democrat party of Colorado, the Ten Commandments are outdated. And “they” are the self-appointed who will re-write the law of our Creator into laws these men feel are better.

The new law legalizing adultery was sponsored in the House by representative Daniel Kagen (D dist 3). On the home page of Kagen’s web site he states his philosophy; “I want the same things for Colorado that I want for my family…” Wow, in addition to accepting adultery, he has now supported bills promoting homosexuality, bi-sexuality, trans… and whatever else. What an awful way to tell us what he thinks is the kind of lifestyle he wants for his family and Colorado citizens. “Together we can make Colorado an even better place to live, work, and raise out (our) families,” he states. He statement does not specify who those he considers to be “together” with him in his campaign against the basic laws of God.

In the Senate, the law was sponsored by Senator Pat Steadman. Steadman is proud of his public position of refusing to accept the Colorado Constitution and the process of the people of Colorado to amend our Constitution. Steadman is proud of his record of being outspoken against the will of the people against whom he sides with the smallest of minorities.

Sponsors of the new law say this issue is about keeping government out of people’s bedrooms. But those same sponsors can not, or refuse, to explain why they would claim to want to keep government out of the people’s bedrooms while less than a week earlier they couldn’t wait to demand government be allowed to review everyone’s bedroom activities for approval.

This has been a tough session so far for the voice of morality and the values that are the basis of the American experiment in allowing people to govern themselves. Republican Senator from Larimer County, Kevin Lundberg, stood strong in opposition to House Bill 1166. He argued adultery is not an archaic concept, and the moral standards set forth by our Creator are important if men are to be free.

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