Website highlights Christian persecution by being “hip”

This is not a cold building with a dusty King James Bible and an unopened  hymnal sitting on a pew.

This is a ministry that tries to be tuned in to today’s world and is run by,  believe it or not, a Hollywood resident.

“What separates our site from groups like Open Doors and Voice of the Martyrs  is we try to be a little edgier and hipper. We are also a little less  institutionalized in our attempt to reach the younger generation with the  reality of Christian persecution in America and around the world,” said  Christian Broham, founder of Legalize  Jesus.

“I’m not criticizing those groups; they do great work. But growing up in  Hollywood, I try to mix a little bit of pop culture with the social issues to  try to get young Christians interested in what is going on in the world.”

The ministry website features the organization’s logo, a clenched  nail-scarred fist with blood flowing from the wound. While some see it as a  leftist symbol, Broham says people making that claim are not looking at it  closely enough.

“I tell them to look closer, there’s a hole in the wrist with blood coming  out of it. The leftist clench fist has nothing to do with Jesus,” he said. “On  the other hand, Jesus went into the temple and chased out the money changers. In  a way, Jesus was the first revolutionary, which is what the fist is supposed to  represent.”


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