North Dakota outlaws abortions based on gender

North Dakota’s governor has signed into law a series of pro-life bills that  he expects will be challenged, but he says the issues need to be decided.

Today Gov. Jack Dalrymple signed the first three of the legislature’s  pro-life bills – less than 24 hours after they reached his desk – stunning  pro-abortion supporters who have been engaging in a relentless campaign against  the bills.

WND had reported on a “freight train” of  pro-life bills that were overwhelming the abilities of pro-abortion  supporters to fight. The New York Times even acknowledged the flood, saying  pro-abortion advocates have been “on the defensive this year because of the  sheer number of bills introduced and their sweeping scope.”

Among the new laws is one that bans abortions because the parent does not  approve of the child’s gender or if the child has gender abnormalities.  Supporters of the law have said permitting such abortions amounts to a form of  genocide by permitting a child to be aborted solely because of his or her  gender.

But wait, said Nancy Northrup, president of the Center for Reproductive  Rights. That’s a woman’s right, she said.


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