Iran reportedly behind Boston attack

by Peter Grady –


A former member CIA spy in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard says a source within Iranian intelligence agencies claimed the Iranian government is behind the terrorist bombing in Boston on Monday.


According to Reza Kahlili, who writes for WND, his source said not only was the Iranian government behind the attacks, but that investigators should look for leads in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.


In a WND exclusive, Kahlili reported in December that a team of Quds Force terrorist leaders had entered the United States with the intended goal of conducting attacks on American soil during 2013 if the Obama administration refused to accept Iran’s illicit nuclear program.


The bombing has killed three people, including an eight year old boy and injured 176 others. The death toll is expected to rise as several of the victims are in critical condition. Several former law-enforcement officials have noted that the terrorist attack bore a striking similarity to IED attacks against American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Multiple bombs going off at different times have also been used in Israel by Islamic terrorists. Generally, the first bomb goes off, then when first responders show up on the scene, the second bomb is set off to injure and kill the very people there to treat the wounded.


Additionally, the bombs in Boston have reportedly contained ball bearings and shrapnel indicating they were intended not just to kill, but also maim civilians including children who were at the marathon

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6 Responses to Iran reportedly behind Boston attack

  1. Matthew Cardona says:

    I thought it was the Quds force. It makes sense to why the federal government is hiding this information from the mainstream media/public. First off, whom ever did this, they don’t want to found. This is very unlike Al Qaeda who would’ve taken responsibility for the attack. The Quds force have a very good reason not to be caught… unlike Al Qaeda that represents a ideology and is actively trying to spread it, The Quds force is a part of Iran’s army, which would make this act of war.

  2. I say that the US now need sto go to war with Iran to capture those terrorist

  3. Disgusted says:

    What disturbed me the most was seeing the man without a leg in the wheelchair. What disturbed me more was finding out he is an amputee named Nick Vogt who lost his leg in war, not at marathon.

  4. Broome says:

    Well. if they’re actually saying Iran is behind it that can only mean it was a false flag attack. I don’t know what’s more scary, them saying it was Iran or the fact that anybody would believe that. THIS IS SICK. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories but I smell another rat.

  5. Broome says:

    How many of you brainwashed delusional morons believe that Iran was behind that? If you do you better wake up and educate yourselves.

  6. Disgusted says:

    After watching so many videos, doing some research, I saw so many in khaki pants, black shirts, backpacks with Craft Private Army logo, why were they there? I saw them at beginning with backpacks, then after bomb I saw one running without his backpack.
    The man who lost his legs, I saw him laying there, no one helping him, then here comes a man in cowboy hat, standing there, don’t see him helping. A black woman also laying there, next shot she is gone? Next thing I see is cowboy hat man wheeling this amputee in a wheelchair? I saw less hurt people on stretchers. If one were to have legs blown off, they would need medical treatment pronto. Not this guy. That was horrid to see, we weren’t allowed to see a dead bin Laden but we are able to see American citizens all torn up? There are probably millions of pics out there. I also saw man in military pants crouching down in doorway? What was he doing?
    Are private military companies training here on us? Was this some sort of drill by HS that went bad? Why would they drill at event like this? Who is real, who is crisis actor? How did HS get so much power? What gives Napalitano so much power she can roll her eyes at Congress when questioned? What is happening to our freedom & liberty? What’s next?

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