The Rant – “Honor” Missing From U.S. Government

by Mike McCune —



What damages America more, manipulated inflation or higher tax rates? Both pluck wealth from America at a devastating pace.


Earlier this week the President made an impassioned plea to gain support for his budget proposal. He spouted numbers and data as if he knew exactly what he was talking about. Gee, if only that were true.


His numbers were total fabrication because nobody knows exactly what the government’s revenues and expenditures actually are year to year. So how can the President’s budget assertions be true and where do his facts come from when nobody knows?


The nobodies, by the way, include Congress, the IRS, the Treasury, the General Accounting Office and the Congressional Budget Office. This is because government accounting procedures are so shoddy a real audit cannot be conducted.


So while you, as a taxpayer, can be fined or imprisoned for failing to verify all the data on your income tax form is 100% accurate, our government fails to follow the simplest of accounting principles so we can’t really know what it is doing.


We know the national debt is about $17 trillion because they have issued that much paper debt to cover expenses. If you apply Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to the government’s paperwork, the debt climbs to $90 trillion. If the government went into a bankruptcy court it would show long-term debt in excess of $250 trillion. Yet you can be incarcerated for misstating a $5 deduction from taxable income.


Interest on debt is being artificially lowered by Federal Reserve tactics. At the same time it is manipulating the way it figures inflation to keep that number below actual fact as well. Thus we are losing wealth on every dollar we hold every day while the government continues to rachet up the amount it needs to meet its actual expenses.


Make no mistake, government-created inflation is stealing wealth from you as you sleep. It is stealing money from you with its “Permanent Trust Fund” balderdash while you are awake but off-duty. Eternal vigilance is our only defense against the sticky fingers of our government.


Our government has become so used to stealing and lying it no longer fears the consequences of such actions.


People like our “honorable” President, “honorable” Senators and “honorable” Representatives (past and present) want us to believe the long established trust funds still exist and are not mere repositories of massive amounts of promises–government IOUs–in the poker pot.


To cover the costs of meeting the obligation on that debt load, our government continues to sell more bonded debt. It is a classic Ponzi, expanding the base of investment to cover previously swindled investments.


Our government is complicit in and guilty of fraud and theft on such a large scale it defies comprehension. Talk about insider trading, these “honorable” folk invented money grubbing tactics the most despicable of thieves must envy. And they get to write the laws to exempt their nefarious misdeeds.


Some of the stolen funds actually do go to legitimate government work.Most of the ill-gotten swag is used in prk projects whereby the politicos can run unending re-election campaigns.


In such sordid surroundings was the progressive income tax born whereby the “honorable” elected officials could fleece the sheep even better than before and do so legally. If they weren’t “honorable”, elected officials they would be facing the same charges routinely brought across America against the average Joe who does the same thing but is forced to be judged by “honorable” individuals known as judges.


With the dealine for filing last year’s taxes only a weekend away, ask yourself who the real enemies of the state are–the people who use granted loopholes, retirement accounts, tax shelters or off-shore banking to protect wealth or the “honorable” individuals operating the  government Ponzi?


The taxpayer is losing on boths ends, once on what he earned and managed to save from past theft and inflation and that what he is going to lose on future earnings.


The government should be indicted for the crime it is perpetrating. But where will America unearth an “honorable” judge or judges to do the honorable thing and force the government to stop its Ponzi? Because the “honorable” judge’s paycheck is dependent upon his finding in favor of the government continuing as is, his robed eminence will undoubtedly side with the other “honorables” protecting the Ponzi.


The American taxpayer is facing a stacked deck at every level imaginable.


I read about that in history class when I was younger. This is very much like the imperious tax system the signers of the Declaration of Independence confronted, isn’t it?


“I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”–Thomas Jefferson


All comments and suggestions on the Rant are appreciated. The purpose of the Rant is to bring to light information that is missed or disregarded by normal media outlets.–Mike



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