Fox 31 “Investigative” reporters may attempt to scam gun sellers

by Craig Maasters

Area gun owners are reporting that two reporters working for KDVR Fox 31 television have attempted to make “straw” purchases of guns listed for sale on the online site, Josh Bernstein, who is listed on the television station’s web site as ‘senior investigative reporter,’ and Julie Hayden, a local reporter, have reportedly tried to virtually scam gun owners by lying just enough to make the straw purchases without technically breaking the law. But, to prove their point, if the reporters do in fact make gun purchases and traffic those guns into the hands of third parties who they know would not pass a background check, the reporters will have broken federal law – not the private citizens who sold them the guns in good faith.

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners organization has published an email warning all private on-line sellers to be aware of these reporters’ efforts. The reporters may be attempting to scam the sellers into breaking the law in┬átheir effort to promote the efforts of ‘gun control’ advocates.

Straw purchases are described as those gun purchases made by a person who can pass a background check who then immediately resell, or simply gives, the legally purchased guns to someone the ‘strawman’ knows would not pass a background check. The largest dollar volume of strawman purchases was, of course, the infamous Obama Justice Department operation called Fast and Furious. In that operation, the federal government agents required gun dealers across the southwestern states to sell large quantities of weapons to suspicious individuals who were known to be trafficking the weapons to criminals in Mexico. In some cases, it has been reported by licensed dealers, federal agents approved sales to buyers who could not pass the required background checks.

Being a ‘strawman’ is a federal crime. It is considered gun trafficking. However, the federal government, clearly one of the world’s largest traffickers in illegal weapons, also encourages straw purchases by discouraging punishment. The allowable prison sentence for acting as a strawman is ten years. The average sentence is only about two and a half years, and many of those convicted never serve any prison time at all. No one involved in Fast and Furious has yet served any prison time and the field agents-in-charge have been promoted to positions in Washington, D.C.

In other gun control news from Washington today, the Senate defeated an national gun control bill that would have allowed Obama to claim that since one section is now invalid, the entire Bill of Rights is no longer valid. In spite of this victory for freedom and the Bill of Rights, Obama made it clear in a press event that he was not going to allow the congress to stop him from disarming law-abiding Americans.

It appears we should brace for another round of “administrative regulations” to be carried out by armed federal agents. Considering a recent Rasmussen poll reported that more than half of those polled actually approved of the government putting “terrorists” in prison – without evidence that the person actually broke any law, it does not seem unbelievable that those same people would approve of Obama sending troops into our homes to confiscate guns he defines as illegal.

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