Log In My Eye, a Speck in yours

I find it appalling that our liberal lawmakers, not only have endorsed Civil Unions, but opened the doors to our public buildings, with public officials, after hours, in order to conduct civil ceremonies for the homosexual community. Would I, as a heterosexual man, along with the conservative community, be granted the same privilege? I think not. Is this not Special Rights?

Tuesday, April 30th, prior to leaving for work, as I typically do, I went on line on a Denver Television Web Site for the news of the day. The top news story, of course, was the Civil Union Commemoration Events being planned at midnight, but also, the Coming Out story of NBA player Jason Collins. Scrolling down to the sports section, again it was Jason Collins with absolutely not a trace of mention, of one of the Colorado Rockies most important victories of the year, a drubbing of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Deplorable.

Traditional family values and the Sanctity of Marriage as God designed may indeed, not be able to recover. Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil” God keeps knocking at the door. Is anybody Home? Shame on those lawmakers. They too will someday be held accountable.


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6 Responses to Log In My Eye, a Speck in yours

  1. Kimberly says:

    Considering civil unions are for both same-sex and opposite-sex couples, they weren’t special rights. Opposite-sex couples could have joined into the same activites.. but wait… they actually have marriage, so they don’t need it, right?

  2. Daniel S Gonzales says:

    I’m not a Christian along with lots of other non-religious Coloradans, I’m not sure how “god’s design” for marriage has any relevance to this debate.

  3. Bryan New says:

    I agree, our lawmakers should not be spending time on civil unions. I feel civil unions are an injustice to the Colorado community because they simply don’t go far enough.

    We’ve gone through “separate but equal” in this country before, I don’t want to see it happen again. I too am a conservative heterosexual man and have never had to worry about my freedom and liberty being constrained because I happen to be attracted to the opposite sex. I guess our definitions of what it means to be a conservative are very different. I don’t want the government saying we’ll recognize your marriage, but not your neighbors.

    It was a good day for Colorado on May 1. It might not be equality, but it is a step in the right direction. If you were so concerned about 1 of the 162 Rockies games that will happen this year, maybe just go to coloradorockies.com

  4. Logan says:

    You’re mad that thousands of people across the state are going to be able to legally share their lives with one another, while having zero impact on you. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an expert of your Bible, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t ever mention Civil Unions. Of course they were going to open their doors to allow the first ceremonies to happen as soon as the law went into effect. They’re not doing it every day, they did it that one day to celebrate what the majority of the state recognizes as a victory.

    There have been countless religions in the history of humankind. You wouldn’t like having someone shove their’s down your throat and try to rule your life with it, so why do you think it’s ok to do it to others?

    I am literally taken aback every single day of my life by the fact that there are people as uneducated and socially-illiterate as you out there managing to spew their poorly thought-out ideas in a public place.

    Congrats on your Rockies winning their game, sorry the nation doesn’t find it as important as basic civil rights.

  5. Maya says:

    What? Civil rights milestones won out over sports scores for the headline?

  6. casey says:

    no it is not special treetment it was allowed for bolth heter and homosexual people. ALL WAS INVITED TO JOIN IN!!!! also the only special treetment going on is for all the heterosexual people that are allowed to get Married, we still cannot do that in colorado, and yes we can in many other states but are still not granted the same rights as all of you that TAKE ADVANTAGE of the right to get married. the other day i got a “civil Union” with my best friend and yes i am delighted to have been able to do this with my best friend. also i would like to mention that even though i made a comitment to him don’t mean that i am going t o hell for it the only thing that i can see in The Bible that you speak from {that has only been translated like a million + different times within the past 2013+ years} is a man should not LAY with a man as he does with a women… my question is who ever said that my love for my partner ever had to do with the act of sex. not only that but how can you put your trust in a book that has been altered soooooo many times!!!!???? why don’t you just talk to the God in whom you speak of and ask him what it is that he wants YOU to do with YOUR like and not try to pick the Thorn out of your brothers eye and just worry about the log in yours. my God told my to love and not judge, also to Harm none, do as you will.

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