Gardner to IRS: You will be held accountable

WASHINGTON D.C. – Furious over revelations that the Internal Revenue Service targeted conservative groups seeking non-profit status, Congressman Cory Gardner (CO-04) is demanding answers and offering to help affected groups in Colorado that were unfairly singled out.   

In a letter to the IRS, Gardner demanded to know how many Colorado groups were targeted and asked for assurance that all affected groups in Colorado be notified that they were targeted.  Additionally, Gardner also asks for a detailed account of instances where information was unlawfully solicited from conservative groups and the current whereabouts of this information.


He noted that at least one group that applied for 501 (c) (4) status had its information illegally released to the public during the application process. In addition the organization was told it would need to provide transcripts for any media interviews it conducted as well as telephone calls and a list of all family members for individuals listed on the application.


 “The revelation that the IRS targeted groups based on their political beliefs is deeply troubling, and we want to make sure that the IRS owns up to all instances of discrimination and breaches of privacy,” Gardner said.  “I am making my office available to any group that has been wrongly targeted by the IRS.  We are here to help in any way that we can.”

Gardner promises confidentially to any group that contacts his office with allegations that they were targeted by the IRS for political reasons, unless the group specifies otherwise.  His office has already received information that a Colorado-based 501(c)(4) applicant had detailed information illegally disclosed to the public while applying for tax-exempt status last year.

In his letter, Gardner describes how applicants were also asked to provide “transcripts on any media interviews that took place, telephone calls, and to provide a list of family members for those listed on the application, among other excessive inquiries.”

If you are a group that believes it was unfairly targeted by the IRS for politically motivated reasons, please call Congressman Gardner’s office for a confidential consultation 970-351-6007

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One Response to Gardner to IRS: You will be held accountable

  1. Bud Darvis says:

    I am neither Democrat nor Republican. So I don’t get to vote in Republican and Democrat primaries. I feel as many do, that I am being taxed without genuine representation. States are represented, more or less, by U.S. Senators. Majorities in those states’ House Districts are represented by U.S. Congress ‘politicians.’ As far as my party affiliation goes, I am not represented in Congress at all. As far as my political inclinations go, they are not perfectly mirrored by anyone in Congress. Nonetheless, understanding what “representation” means, it is obvious that Cory Gardner is one of those who represent me, whether or not that representation reflects every single aspect of my beliefs or not. It is impossible to find someone to represent you, who will agree with and support every single one of your desires, beliefs, and even needs, 100%, unless you first dehumanize yourself to the point that all you care about are two or three things, like money, protesting, and free cell phones.

    Narrow minded people like that are like magnets to single-issue carpet-baggers, as we saw in our last campaign for mayor. Gardner’s views, and especially his manner of tackling them, are not in harmony with my views and with types of approaches I would prefer to see him take, philosophically speaking. But he does “represent” me, Constitutionally speaking. I wish he and his colleagues would be more aggressively active about the IRS and a couple of other rogue departments of government.

    Having said that, I guess most people are satisfied. Gardner represents a single district in Colorado, and yet look. The possibility that he may become one-half of Colorado’s face in the Senate, has put some people beside themselves with the tremors. One fellow held a sign, “Gardner does not support me!” I should say not! Obviously, not a citizen of Colorado, possibly not even of the U.S. So he should be picketing his own Representative, whoever that is, and wherever that is.

    The good old typography-challenged Greeley Tribune reported, “More than 50 protestors came from across Colorado” (population 5.2 million) “and as far away as California” (population 38 million) “to protest Gardner’s stance on immigration reform.” 50-some-odd frantic people out of over 40 million documented citizens and undocumented trespassers, that’s what, .0001% of the people in those two states? Wow, what a “mandate”, as Clinton said when he became President with a meager 43% of the popular vote. Mr. Gardner, they are less than a minority of a minority, trying to win elections not by rational discussion and by voting but by screaming.

    Immigration is not the only issue. The IRS is not the only issue. Immigration a minor issue for me. The issue of illegal immigration, however, is a much more important issue than the issue of (general, legal) immigration. The IRS issue, in my opinion, is more serious than both of them. I hope Cory Gardner doesn’t follow in line with the narrow views of single-issue voters, all 50 0f them, but continues to represent however many millions of us, who think things through more clearly and more thoroughly, appreciate his efforts (even when they go against some of our personal wants) as well as he is able. It won’t be perfect. No one is. You can tell by listening to the “arguments” of the grumbling .0001%.

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