Will John Morse resign for the Party

by Craig Masters

“We’ll go through these signatures with a fine-toothed comb,” Morse told the TV station KDVR. “and we’ll file some protests with the Secretary of State’s office because we know a lot of these signatures were gathered based on misinformation and lies.”

A politician claiming only the opposition lies; what a surprise.

It seems intimidation is the new democratic party policy. Rule by fear of the rulers. John Morse is just the Colorado extension of the fundamental changes brought to the United States by the current Party regime.

A famous definition of majority rule states that democracy is two coyotes and a rabbit voting on what to have for dinner. John Morse, and to a larger degree, the leaders of the current Colorado state government, demonstrated very clearly that they will be having rabbit for dinner. One hundred thirty eight bills were on the menu for these jackals in the final hours of the most recent legislative session.  And why not? They are only following the example of their leaders in Washington.

A Rasmussen poll revealed that 42% of voters think the top law enforcement in America, Attorney General Eric Holder, should resign. A much larger majority don’t approve of the Justice Department’s tactics used to investigate news reporters. And the largest majority do not believe the President was not involved in directing the IRS (and possibly other federal agencies) to intimidate opposition voters. These results bring up a question not included in the survey and illustrate a simmering problem to be dealt with in the future. The question is; why do so many voters continue to accept the inaction of Congress in prosecuting the top law enforcement official in the country for his numerous crimes?

The answer seems to be the growing acceptance by voters that politicians are dishonest and crimes of various degrees are now accepted as “normal” for officials. The simmering problem younger Americans will have to eventually deal with is that as more and more serious crimes are allowed as acceptable by top officials, less and less respect for the rule of law is festering among more and more people in every segment of our society. Even more troubling is the expanding idea by politicians like John Morse that when they are in power, they have the right to rule by intimidation and pass whatever laws they want – to insure they remain in power and force the “rabbits” down into holes where they can’t cause any problems. The Constitution be damned!

The logic is as old as government: power corrupts – absolute power corrupts absolutely. Buying support with “social welfare” programs using taxpayer money has taken many years. The power to appoint political judges with agendas to write liberal/progressive laws from the bench that could not otherwise be enacted under the Constitution of our representative form of government has now completed the degradation of the great experiment that was America.

A stark illustration of these points is found in a recent federal appeals court ruling upholding the actions of the Obama administration in refusing to comply with a lower court’s ruling ordering the release of documents under the Freedom of Information Act. The lower court had ruled that since the administration had allowed some non-government Americans with no security clearances – specifically the movie makers of the propaganda film about the Bin Laden killing – access to the photos and documents in question, then all Americans should be given equal access. Holder’s justice department refused to comply with the court ruling and eventually the more politically indebted appeals court ruled in favor of the administration. No scholar of law has yet submitted any argument that the ruling by the appeals court was anything but political. Even the court’s opinion papers stated the ruling was most assuredly outside the intent of the Freedom of Information Act. Corruption of the law itself for political control of the government?

Clearly the least transparent administration in history has accumulated more secret power than any other developed nation in the free world. The legislative branch of our federal government has been completely neutered in every aspect of their duties from budget control to checks and balances on administration appointments. Yet with Americans being murdered without trial, a news reporter being imprisoned for doing his job and American officials overseas being sacrificed for political gain, the recent Daily Presidential Tracking Poll still shows Obama has the approval of more than 50% of those surveyed. Are people simply afraid to admit they don’t approve of the Party in power?

It is getting more and more dangerous for a writer for a small news outlet like the Northern Colorado Gazette to be critical of those in power.  In Colorado, where politicians like John Morse are openly ready to examine  critics “with a fine toothed comb,” that rabbit hole is beginning to look more and more attractive.

Don’t be surprised when outspoken opposition to the democrats in power begins to dwindle. Remember, even Saddam Hussein was always able to garner some 98% of the “votes” in Iraq’s elections once his political enemies were identified and condemned.

Now, let’s all endorse more national identification in order to receive more benefits.

By the way, “medical” marijuana, “gun controls,” instant voter registration without proof of identity, amnesty and taxpayer subsidies for “undocumented workers,” almost immediately followed by recreational marijuana, what’s next for Colorado under the Hickenlooper/Morse form of democracy?

Prediction: in order for “the Party” to keep control, John Morse will be told to resign so “the Party” can appoint his replacement and the voices of the recall will be silenced!

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