Faith Bible Baptist Church to hold bible series on civil unions

by Peter Grady –


Faith Bible Baptist Church in Greeley will begin teaching a series of lessons on civil unions in light of the bible.


Pastor Matt Walters will be conducting the bible study on Sunday evenings at 6 pm. The church is located at 320 35th Ave. in Greeley.


In announcing the series, Walters explains that with the legislature recently passing a civil union law, it is important for Christians to know exactly what the bible says about such relationships.


“We live in a day and age where many Christians and even some denominations have felt they need to change to accommodate the times on this issue,” Walters said. “God’s eternal truths do not change just because society says something is now fashionable. Christians need to lovingly stand firm for the truths in God’s word.”


The church is not afraid to take a stand on social issues. Recently the church encouraged its members to sign petitions for the Brady Amendment, which would expand the definition of “person” and “child in Colorado’s wrongful death laws and criminal statutes to include an unborn child.


The amendment is sponsored by Heather Surovik, whose son Brady was killed by a drunk driver last year. Despite Brady being full-term and capable of surviving outside of his mother’s womb, the driver faced no consequences for killing Brady.


The church also is a strong supporter of the Pregnancy Resource Center in Greeley and each year participates in the organization’s “Baby Bottle campaign,” where members take home a baby bottle on Mother’s Day and return it filled with change on Father’s Day.


By teaching about civil unions it might seem as if homosexuals are unwelcome at the church, however, Walters said that is the farthest thing from the truth.


“At Faith Bible Baptist Church everyone is welcome no matter who they are. We love and are friendly to anyone who wants to visit us,” he explained. “In fact, we have had several ‘gay’ visitors who have come both singularly and as couples. In each case our people did not treat them any differently than any other visitors.”


Walters said he feels that where many churches and Christian leaders go wrong is by gravitating to one of two extremes. They either feel  they cannot take a stand against a lifestyle that the bible condemns in a misguided effort to show that they love people or they take such a strong stand against the homosexual lifestyle that it almost becomes their ‘pet sin’ to preach against.


“The key thing is to remain balanced and consistent in your stand. For instance, I have no doubt we have church members who have engaged in adultery but that doesn’t mean I am going to stop teaching that the bible says ‘thou shalt not commit adultery.’ The same goes for any other sin such as stealing and lying.”


“The homosexual lifestyle is no different. When these couples told me they were ‘gay’ I told them we would welcome them and we love everybody, but that doesn’t mean we are going to approve of a lifestyle the bible says is wrong.”


Walters says he finds it noteworthy that unlike the “gay” movement, thieves and liars are not lobbying politicians to pass laws defending their lifestyle.


“The bible lists many things that are sins besides homosexuality. Lying, stealing, swearing and a host of other things are also sins. Yet no one talks about not teaching kids that stealing and lying is wrong.”

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