Citizens could vote on Weld secession movement in Nov.

GREELEY, Colo. – A county in Colorado that was immortalized in the novel and  1978 miniseries “Centennial” once again could achieve fame as it finds itself in  a unique position among America’s counties – considering a bid to become the  51st state.


Weld County is one of the nation’s largest counties, and at nearly 3,000  square miles it is larger than the combined land areas of Rhode Island, Delaware  and the District of Columbia. The county was also immortalized in James  Michener’s “Centennial,” a novel about a fictitious town whose history mirrored  the history of the state.

County officials have made national news several times in recent months for  their strong stand for constitutional rights including the Second Amendment.  However, following a particularly contentious legislative session where  Democrats controlled both chambers of the legislature as well as the  governorship, the divide has gotten so great that county commissioners are  seriously entertaining asking voters to decide if they want to secede and form  the state of North Colorado.


Bill Garcia, chairman of the Weld County Commissioners, told WND the idea of  forming a separate state came from residents and the commissioners are seriously  considering it.


“We were getting multiple comments from our citizens suggesting we form our  own state, then later we went to a meeting with other commissioners and we began  asking them if they were hearing the same thing from their residents,” Garcia  said. “We were shocked to hear that they were getting the same thing from their  voters as well. At that time we decided this was something we need to be looking  into.”


Commissioners from Weld and other counties will be holding a public meeting  this Monday in Akron to discuss what they have been hearing from their  constituents and what steps to take going forward.


Garcia said it is important to get the issue before the voters to see if  there is sufficient support for a statehood movement. “So far the phone calls we  have been getting have been 11 to 1 in support of statehood,” Garcia said.


If officials from Weld and other counties wanted to go forward the issue  could be on the ballot this year.


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