Why vote at all?

by Craig Masters
If the Supreme Court justices can dictate whatever social program they want in place, allow secret judges and police to disregard the Constitution, and simply revoke the inalienable Rights reserved to each of us by our Creator, then we no longer have government by the people.

The people of California voted. They followed the rules to amend their state constitution to include a definition of marriage. This was proposition 8. It was an initiative by the people who are “the governed” to limit their government. The process is not an easy one and seldom successful at the state-wide level. But it is one of the most defining principles written into the founding documents of the United States, it is the principle that government derives its power from the people.

Proposition 8 was approved by an overwhelming majority of the voters in arguably, what was at the time, the most liberal state in the United States. So how is it that some – not all – of those men and women at the top of just one branch of the federal government can sit as equal to our Creator and decide that the people can not control their government?

The members of the Supreme Court have now made it clear that so long as they can be allowed to rule as Supreme Beings, they will. These few individuals who are mistakenly accepted by most Americans as having the final say on all matters of control over our lives have clearly taken away the power of the people to govern themselves.

The Supreme Court of California recognized that the people of that state had made a decision for themselves. That court upheld Proposition 8 and in so doing the matter should have been closed until those who opposed were able to follow the same path of the supporters and overcome the difficult regulations intended to make the path for initiatives to become law uneasy and not to be taken lightly.

No federal judge – let alone the Supreme Court – has any constitutional authority whatsoever to take away a law enacted by the people under the initiative process; but some did. And worse by far is that it seems they are going to be allowed to get away with ruling as if they are all powerful rulers and not simply public servants with limited power equal to and not superior to the other two branches of the federal government. Never mind that all three branches are supposed to be servants of the people.

Jefferson warned us of this when he said that over time liberty will shrink and government will grow. Perhaps understanding that eventually every government will need to be cast off was one of the many reasons for the high priority of the Second Amendment.

Once we have no power over government, and non-citizens have the power to vote to have the government take away our property, fortunes, and liberties, why vote?

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