Pueblo recall supporters facing “thug” tactics for signing petition

By Jack Minor –


Colorado voters attempting to recall two state lawmakers who helped pass a rash of draconian gun control laws that were rammed through the legislature now charge that Chicago-style thug tactics are being used to get them to recant their signatures.


“Everyone who signed a recall petition has received multiple phone calls, mailers and face- to-face visits in an attempt to get them to remove their name,” said Victor Head, a plumber from Pueblo.
“Our small town is now facing Chicago thug tactics by [those] attempting to prevent us from exercising our rights to hold our elected officials accountable for their votes.”


Head is the chief of Pueblo Freedom and Rights and one of three sponsors of a recall petition against Democratic State Sen. Angela Giron for her gun control votes during the recent legislative session. Democrats who control both chambers pushed through a series of gun control measures despite widespread opposition from state residents and law enforcement officials.


The laws include a ban on any magazine that can be modified to hold more than 15 rounds. Since magazines have a removable plate on the bottom to ease in cleaning, the law can be interpreted as a ban on the sale of all magazines in the state. Additionally, the law prohibits the simple act of handing a magazine or firearm to a person to assist with clearing a jam, calling it an illegal transfer.


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One Response to Pueblo recall supporters facing “thug” tactics for signing petition

  1. Disgusted says:

    After reading this article, it seems many other names should be added to the recall list. Put Salazar on top. DeGette must also be removed as she is ignorant plain and simple.
    The people of Pueblo and any town in CO might want to think about putting No Trespassing sign up. No soliciting sign. Then use your own language of what will happen if they knock. It is called freedom of speech. It works. Or answer your door with a gun. 😉

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