Bohner betrays Liberty – Violates his Oath of Office

by Craig Masters
A two-term libertarian who runs on the republican ticket in Michigan recently teamed with a 25-term liberal Democrat, also from Michigan, and together they proposed a serious liberty-oriented amendment to the funding bill for the NSA. The NSA, you may recall, is the agency known to be collecting anything and everything they can and want about any and all Americans. Their illegal activities were exposed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden. The spending amendment proposed by Justin Amash (R) and John Conyers (D) would have required “domestic spies” to identify who they wanted to spy on and produce at least some evidence as to why they needed to spy on Americans before they could be allowed a search warrant as specifically required by the Constitution. This is a dramatic change from the unconstitutional blanket spying currently taking place under the cloak of secrecy for the sake of someone’s security.

In the most obvious anti-liberty move probably ever undertaken by a Republican / Democrat alliance, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), joined forces with Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and President Obama to delay the vote on the Amash-Conyers amendment long enough to threaten and arm twist members of both parties until they garnered just enough votes to defeat the best chance yet for American citizens to regain some control over the federal government’s expanding destruction of the Constitution. The anti-constitutional forces led by Bohner, Pelosi and Obama won by only 12 votes out of the 422 recorded.

The House leadership – Republicans – established an absolutely absurd rule that limits debate on issues to 24 minutes! Think about that for 24 seconds. There are 434 representatives in the House, and on an issue as important as whether or not the federal government is required to follow the Constitution was allowed only 24 minutes of debate time. Perhaps the best question for them to debate is why that Constitutional issue was even open for debate in the first place.

As we learn more and more of the lies we were being told and the perjury of Obama’s top administrators before congressional committees, it becomes more evident just who is the traitor and who is the patriot in the debate – Edward Snowden vs Barack Obama.

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