Is this Bizarro World?

by Craig Masters
After John McCain making a fool of himself regarding the ouster from power in Egypt of the Muslim Brotherhood, is there anyone who still holds to the belief that the ‘old guard’ republican leadership has not completely sold out to their need to hold their power? Just in case you happen to be one who thinks republicans in leadership positions haven’t crossed the aisle in their effort to hold onto power instead of principles, consider the NSA. The Constitution guarantees that citizens are safe from government agents searching their persons and property without a warrant granted for specific purpose by a judge. The judge is charged with reviewing the request for a warrant and only granting the privilege of search and seizure of property when a probable cause exists that a crime has been committed and the person to be searched or the property to be seized is somehow connected to the crime.

The 4th Amendment was included as one of those first ten amendments we call the Bill of Rights for a very good reason. British troops had reached the point where, when they wanted to check for stamps on personal property in colonists’ homes, they simply wrote their own search warrants and broke down any door they chose. Harassment like that was not going to be tolerated under the Constitution of the new United States of America. Thanks to Edward Snowden, we now know the NSA has been doing exactly the same thing the British troops did to the colonists. But instead of breaking down our doors, the NSA agents simply broke into our privacy and stole our private property electronically.

But collecting, storing, searching and sorting unimaginable megabytes of personal data on every American costs lots of money. So much money in fact that funds for ‘domestic spying’ can be isolated in the federal budget of the NSA. So in an effort to stop the out-of-control destruction of the 4th Amendment, a republican from Michigan put forth a funding bill amendment to shut off the money for illegal personal data confiscation by the NSA.

There was a time when such a proposal would probably have passed with a nearly unanimous vote in the House of Representatives. Later, it would become a political issue with democrats probably supporting big government collecting anything it wanted on anyone and republicans fighting to protect us from such massive intrusion into our privacy. Today, the opposite has become a matter of record. When the votes to cut funding for the illegal confiscation of personal property were counted, 25% more democrats voted to cut the funding than supported it. And on the other side of the aisle; 40% more republicans voted to continue funding the unconstitutional domestic spying activities of the central government than voted to cut those funds.

Every single Colorado representative, democrats and republicans, voted to cut the funding. Let’s hope they don’t become victims for opposing a very dangerous program controlled by very dangerous people. Now where do they sell those drone hunting licenses?

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2 Responses to Is this Bizarro World?

  1. Claire22 says:

    Unfortunately, when attempting to balance liberty and security, the human brain is wired to make a major miscalculation:
    “This is Your Brain on Terrorism”

  2. Disgusted says:

    It is past time that McCain, Graham, Levin, Shumer, all of the lifetime politician warmongers are replaced. They had their glory days, time to change the guard as this one works for no one but the corporation of America. Who in their right mind would continue to vote for these fools?
    Mark Udall doesn’t like the NSA, made a comment and 2 days later his brother an experienced hiker found dead. Cory Gardner sent me letter stating he is concerned about NSA. How about the NSA spy on our govt. officials and let us know the truth of what they are really doing with our money?
    People don’t have time to watch the govt., thinking there are watchdog groups doing it for them. Not so. No watchdog groups are sitting in chairs watching anyone in govt. Govt. is busy destroying this country and don’t seem to have time to put anyone in watchdog chairs. Now we know why govt. is so out of control.
    All in govt. who signed the U.N. Small Arms Treaty are traitors and must be removed pronto. Thank goodness it did not pass!
    Never forget this is America built for freedom, liberty and small government! Now look at us.

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