What’s in a Word?

by Craig Masters
While it might not seem important in the era of horrible “txt splng,” but when some words are replaced by others the intent is too often odious. Such was the highly offensive case of the Republican National Committee changing the word “shall” to “may” in a clause of the RNC rules adopted at the convention last year in Tampa.

But for those who love the techno-twisting of words to argue their actions are within the rules, the word “may” in the RNC rules allows the party insiders to deny credentials to delegates from states which happen to hold their state delegate elections after the arbitrary deadline of April 1st. The only possible reason for the central committee to push through such a rule is to ensure the GOP establishment can seize control of later primaries by refusing credentials to state party elected candidates. This allows the central committee to install their choice of delegates who will agree to support the nomination of the establishment’s anointed frontrunner and guaranteeing the delegates are loyal to the GOP establishment, not the grassroots – and certainly not the liberty movement.

If any resemblance to a two-party system in which the difference of ideology is going to prevail in the U.S., the republican central committee must allow elected delegates from all states to attend the national convention and voices of “outsiders” to be heard in a meaningful way. Elections in which a conservative is forced to run as a third party candidate will ensure the continued degradation of freedom and liberty by the socialists of the left in solid control of the democrat party and increasingly in positions to influence the republican party. We here in Colorado should understand this better than most.

The RNC can correct this egregious change in the rules if chairman Reince Prebus will stand on principle and support reversing the word change proposed by Virginia committeeman Morton Blackwell. But, as usual, the grassroots folks who are busy working to pay for bills, like Attorney General Eric Holder’s $4 million travel expenses, and who are expected to support the party in elections were not given much time to learn about the opportunity to be heard. The RNC is meeting this very week (August 14 to 17) in Boston. Chairman Prebus can be reached at (202) 863-8500.

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One Response to What’s in a Word?

  1. Disgusted says:

    They are always changing words, names of programs when too many start researching the govt.’s madness.
    Weather Modification re-named Geo Engineering now known as Solar Radiation Management.
    Does anyone ever look up and question why the sun is being blocked? The sun we all need for good health?
    Will the people feel all warm and fuzzy if and when they ever find out about this crazed program that is putting chemicals in our atmosphere that fall down upon us, our children, our pets and the land we grow foods on? Probably and then they will get sick and wonder what caused it.
    Most people look down, never up it seems. Oh well, I suppose if this program doesn’t cull the herd enough govt. will figure something else out. They will keep their mouths shut for years when a few of us question their sanity of this program and then when too many calls start coming in they finally admit it, once it is too late.
    Then there’s Fukushima, I wonder what they’ll re-name that if anyone even knows about Fukushima and the radiation that is all over us from it. Yet no news has said a word about it since it happened except 7 news to tell us it was here 2 days after and I sure wished they would have wished us good luck!
    Changing words doesn’t make some of us forget. Some of us are watching the govt. and their dirty crimes against us.

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