Colo. Planned Parenthood clinics shut down over costs of fighting personhood initiatives

by Jack Minor —


Planned Parenthood is closing a pair of clinics in Colorado, explaining it is short of money because of the millions of dollars it had to spend to convince voters not to approve so-called “personhood” amendments.


Pro-life groups twice have tried to pass amendments to the Colorado state constitution declaring the unborn child to be a human being. They’ve were beaten back each time by the 10-1 spending of abortion supporters.


Victory has its price, however, for Planned Parenthood.


Monica McCafferty, a spokeswoman with Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, recently told the Colorado Springs Independent that as a result of expenditures from fighting the personhood campaigns, mostly in September, the organization was forced to close a pair of abortion businesses in La Junta and eastern Colorado Springs.


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