Which side will receive U.S. missile strikes?

by Craig Masters
Those who would destroy Israel and America are doing nothing wrong – they have their “laws” handed down from their “supreme” being. We Christians have ours. Conflicts result when someone throws out the idea that democracy is the best way for people to choose their leaders.

Democracy can not exist in a vacuum where human rights – as we in the Christian West define them – are not accepted by whoever wins an election based on the model of western democracy. As an admirer of Condoleezza Rice and her boss George W. Bush, it is disappointing to have to admit that they were very very wrong when they said Democracy would be the answer in the Middle East region. The idea that free elections without pre-existing guarantees of liberty will work is simply dead wrong. And people are dying.

No one knows that better than the American charter school system hijacker, Turkish imam Fethullah Gulen. Gulen lives in luxury in Pennsylvania enjoying Western liberties while¬†a convoluted maze of charter schools transfer millions of taxpayers’ dollars to forces who would destroy the very idea of a free election.

Gulen has been a long time supporter of Prime Minister Recep Erdogen of Turkey who made his view of Western elections known when he said, “Democracy is a street car. When it gets to my stop, I get off.” Today in Turkey, Erdogen is using the power he got by democracy to end it and impose Islamist rule. In this nation that used to be the world’s best example of secular Muslim rule, the ousting of western style democracy is perhaps being pushed to hard as Turkey once again sits on the verge of civil violence. Violence will inevitably be condemned by the Gulen backers who hide behind slogans of “civil security” while strengthening the Gulen movement and ratchet the country toward strong fundamentalist Islamic rule.

In Syria, it is the rebels who believe in the direct opposite of liberty based on God given rights – so violently attacked here in America by the secretive Obama regime. When the U.S. missiles start flying, will Obama once again be arming the Trojan Horse of the “civil security” movement in the name of Democracy without Liberty?

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2 Responses to Which side will receive U.S. missile strikes?

  1. Aussie Matt says:

    So democracy is only good if people choose who you want?
    I thought democracy was meant to give people the freedom to choose who they wanted to rule? I guess democracy is only good if it suits Israel’s interests – that’s probably why election winner in Egypt is behind bars while despotic generals are in power letting previous coup general MOBARAK out of jail and America still wastes their people’s money- several billion – in so called ‘aid’ to Egypt while millions of its own people live in boxes on the street – cities like Detroit go broke and idiots like this guy still talk about defending Imperialist apartheid country like Israel – what good is Israel to American people other than a fat leach on the back of money printing economy of the USA ? Wake us Americans, your country is being eaten from the inside out…

  2. Equus says:

    This is a very biased piece of writing without any foundation. This place obviously endorses a language of hatred.

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