Thompson Schools proudly promote Communism

Capitalism is hurting Chinese Children

by Craig Masters
The new home page of the Thompson Valley School District boasts of initiating the COMMON CORE CURRICULUM. A video on the home page covers all sorts of ‘advantages’ and makes all sorts of claims about how the students will benefit. The only problem is that this video leaves out the real story of Common Core; indoctrinating the students into “understanding” that capitalism is a horrifying system promoting human suffering both mentally and physically.

The Thompson School Board must have lost the fact sheets and lesson plans that explain that the Muslim religion is much more fair minded and therefore more acceptable than Christianity. Maybe the board members were on vacation when the superintendent, Dr Stan Scheer, slipped in the new program of anti-American propaganda and indoctrination that Communism is a better economic system than capitalism.

But does Common Core anti-capitalism propaganda really compare economic systems fairly? Of course not! Liberty and freedom are never allowed into the discussion. Human rights are taught as available under both systems, but in capitalism encourages abuses while the good leaders of Communist governments protect the workers…

Common Core is the back door entrance to selective education by those who stay in the shadows away from public view. They control the leadership of educational unions and thereby control the education of the next generation of workers. But only if their central financing programs destroy the local control over our children’s education.

Destroying local financing by making it illegal for some communities to spend more on their schools than other communities. Take from the rich and give to the poor! Then everyone will be equal – right? That’s what Common Core will be teaching in Thompson schools until enough parents and Americans force these shadow communists out of our system.

Dr. Scheer came here with a friendly smile and cleverly gained undeserved trust. Then, wham! That is how back stabbing works. You can’t stab someone in the back unless they are comfortable turning away from you. That, by the way, is an instruction right out of the Al Qaeda playbook for radical Islamists. Dr. Scheer came to us fresh from his seven years in Murrieta, California.

There are several Board of Education positions to be filled by elections this November. Perhaps it is time to begin learning how the candidates feel about Common Core propaganda in TSD schools.

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One Response to Thompson Schools proudly promote Communism

  1. Harry says:

    If this is true, it is scary. It shows what the old line communists of 70 years ago have been progressively doing. First they took over the faculty of the liberal arts portions of the universities and indoctrinated the upcoming teachers and government employees. Then they indoctrinated the future journalists and jurists. All to the non-existent benefits of socialism. However, socialism has been proving itself as not good for the vast majority of people. The Soviet Union’s communism succumbed to the failure of its version of socialism and is moving towards capitalism as are China, Viet Nam, and India. Socialism is proving to be not so good in Europe. Under Socialism only the Government high ups and their buddies become rich (or stay rich). The goal is to drive the upper and lower middle class people down into the lower class and get more votes for handouts to keep the socialists in power. Eventually it leads to an elected and continuing dictatorship as in Venezuela and many other third world countries.

    Dr Sscheer and his associates and the Common Core Curriculum need to be removed from TSD.

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