Syrian conflict – Is U.S. on both sides?

by Craig Masters

On April 23, the Gazette published an article which included this statement:

Israeli security forces have determined with what they describe as nearly 100% certainty that the Syrian government forces, under the direction of President Bashar al-Assad, have used chemical weapons against U.S. supplied Muslim Brotherhood affiliated rebel forces.

In light of yesterday’s announcement by President Obama that he was waiting for congress to give him authorization to launch missiles to destroy Syrian government installations, that statement from last April is worth reprinting.

For several days preceeding the President’s call for congress to act to authorize the missile attacks, the mainstream American media was filled with reports about the chemical weapons related deaths in Syria. But did any of those reports take notice of the last phrase of the statement released by the Israeli security minister back in April: “U.S. supplied Muslim brotherhood…?”

Did anyone report on the congressional authorization for Obama and his shadow czar government to supply U.S. taxpayer money and U.S. taxpayer purchased weapons to the muslim brotherhood forces? It was reported that Secretary of Defense Hagel did tell the Israelis, the French, and the British intelligence professionals that they didn’t know what they were looking at, referring to the evidence those nations had gathered and reported to the world. It now seems obvious to everyone else in the world that the only intelligence office “professionals” who didn’t know what they were looking at was the Obama advisory team.

Or maybe the chemical weapons were used by Obama-backed Muslim brotherhood forces to frame the Syrian government? Is there a whistleblower out there who knows the truth? Is that why the President is all of a sudden hesitant to be involved publically? After all, by John Kerry’s own statement on the Sunday morning talk shows, first responders (Syrian government rescue workers) died trying to help those who were suffering from the chemical weapons attack. It is curious that with all the contempt this president and his shadow czar government have shown for the Constitution and the rule of law, why all of a sudden does he act like he needs approval of congress to do whatever he wants to do?

Was congress consulted when the Obama Department of Defense published training material in which the Coral Ridge Ministries ( a Christian church ) was labeled as an extremist group whose members should have limited participation in the American military? Was there any report in the mainstream media about congressional hearings about the list of reference sources the military is to use to find the names of “extremist” organizations incompatible with careers in the military? I realize that few of the readers of this article will have read a 133 page document related to training about “extremist” groups the U.S. Air Force was recently forced to release , but thanks to the excellent work of Judicial Watch, such a document does exist. A document that, in fact, refers to the founding fathers as dangerous extremists!

 Is anybody really paying any attention to this president’s actions instead of his statements?

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