Loveland fracking petition heading to court

Reporter Herald — Now facing a lawsuit, Loveland city councilors on Tuesday hotly debated their options for a citizen-initiated ordinance that seeks a moratorium on fracking within the city.


The discussion, which continued past deadline late Tuesday night, came after public hearing where nearly 30 residents stated their preference for the council’s action. The majority called for the initiative to be placed on the Nov. 5 ballot.


“What offends me the most about this is that dragging this out could allow drilling to start before citizens have their say,” Loveland resident Nick Peterson said.


The options for how the measure could be presented to the voters changed late Tuesday afternoon when Loveland resident Larry Sarner filed an appeal in Larimer County District Court. Sarner seeks an appeal of City Clerk Terry Andrews’ decision on sufficiency of petitions submitted by citizen group Protect Our Loveland.



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