Sen. Bennet favors bombing Syria


Fort Morgan Times — U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet favors military action in response to Syria’s use of chemical weapons but said the choices available to the United States range from “worse to bad.”


“This is about picking your least bad outcome,” he said Wednesday. “I don’t think there’s any conceivable way that Syria ends well.”


Bennet, a Democrat who has been a Colorado senator since 2009, said he will attend an intelligence briefing on Syria when he returns to Washington Thursday. Until then, he said, he can’t say what kind of response he favors.


President Barack Obama isĀ asking for congressional approvalĀ to conduct limited military strikes against Syrian President Bashar Assad, saying there is evidence chemical warfare was used to kill more than 1,400 Syrians on Aug. 21.


Bennet discussed Syria when he met with the Denver Post’s editorial board Wednesday.


He talked about a range of issues, from immigration to the farm bill to what he heard from Coloradans when he toured the rural part of the state in August.


Bennet said he doesn’t think the country can let Assad’s gassing “go unanswered.”


“We’re going to have to figure out how to do it in a limited way that doesn’t entangle the United States for months or years in Syria,” he said.

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One Response to Sen. Bennet favors bombing Syria

  1. Disgusted says:

    Did Bennet not read the story about Russia finding it was the rebels who had chemicals? Yet he insists Syria has to be spanked? Assad isn’t even there. Who will die? Children and civilians. People like you and me.
    This is all about a natural gas pipeline. Nothing more. Our govt. has systematically gone after destroying one country at a time in middle east.
    Did we not learn anything about Iraq? First we load these countries dictators up with guns etc. and then go kill them?
    No troops on the ground is a flat out lie. They always have loopholes or fake reasons to kill more of our troops.
    Obama does seem to hate America, or at least the people. He has done nothing good for this country with his mighty Pen. Who is he? Who are any of them that think during a time of sequester we should be going to kill more people? McCain playing poker during meeting to go kill people? He must be retired! The ones for war seem to be salivating over it. Did they bet on it? Buy more stock from those that profit from killing? This really isn’t a war, they haven’t attacked us.
    Some of our troops are putting up messages in front of their faces saying they didn’t sign up for this. The time has come for troops to lay down their guns and refuse this order from an out of control administration. Let the high paid mercenaries fight this one if need be.
    Since Obama does have Muslim Brotherhood in the W.H. why do I not hear people concerned? I know they’re not still shopping per Bush’s orders as credit cards are maxed out!
    Obama and others before him takes our money and gives to other crazed nations while we struggle. I for one American am sick of it.
    I for one will never forget Benghazi, Iraq, Afghanistan, death of Navy Seals and all the great parties he had during sequester. I will never forget Hillary Clinton’s involvement, John Kerry’s involvement and all others who love war. I do find it amusing Kerry sold his Heinz stock as the color of it is too close to blood that is now all over him.
    Support the militia’s of this country. They will be the ones to protect the Constitution as those in power try to shred it daily for their agendas.
    Do people even realize there’s a vote to make us global coming up that will allow insanity to rain down on us? Yes, rain with radiation from Fukushima that most Americans don’t even know is crawling all over us. Why haven’t we tried to help Japan clean up that massive mess that is harming many people? Or is it welcomed as part of the de-population plan? As we have nuclear plants here that are leaking in Hanford, WA for one.
    I’m very concerned about how big govt. is now and when you read a story that millions of blankets have been purchased by the DHS (what a joke) and other things, Janet Napalitano telling us big event will happen? Does she have a looking glass? Or is it our govt.’s plan that will have us in a revolution?
    We haven’t had a war on this soil in a very long time, no one wants a war here yet it seems this govt. is now bent on calling the returning Vets and citizens the extreme terrorists now.
    Time to vote out all incumbents and start over with those that truly do love this country (corporation) and fix it!

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