Lawlessness – not just fashionable any more.

by Craig Masters
It is mandated so we can’t really do anything about it… so say the current and want-to-be school board members all across the country when questioned about the implementation of the federal/socialists’ take over of local education. But is it true that the local schools can’t “do anything” about Common Core Curriculum standards I think I will refer to as “Obamaschool.”

We are in an era in which the President is being permitted to pick and choose which laws he obeys and which he ignores. The federal government departments are selectively refusing to obey the law, department czars direct their officers to not enforce laws simply for political convenience.

The Colorado legislature has taken their cue from the feds and decided that they can ignore the Constitution and write their own versions of various Rights originally guaranteed to never be allowed to be taken from the people. Then came the tossing of the state constitution by simply erasing sections such as TABOR. Once they jumped on that downhill slide to lawlessness and saw they could get away with it, it was easy to ignore federal laws that prohibit drugs. They decided drugs they like should be allowed – for medical reasons. And with the water tested successfully for ignoring the Constitution, the federal laws, and the state constitution, it was easy to write the law that permits people to drive around the state smoking dope without fear of punishment.

The next level of government below the state is, of course, the counties. And in Colorado the overwhelming majority of chief county law enforcement officers, sheriffs and prosecutors, have openly refused to obey or enforce new state laws. In fact, most have joined in lawsuits against the state to have the laws overturned.

School Boards are about as close to the “grassroots” as any political subdivision. Why should these boards accept bad mandates or policy simply for money.  Why not follow the trend, take the money and cut the strings it is tied to? Maybe they are afraid of the enforcement officers of the higher levels of government. But why, when those people are only following the examples of the officers of the level above them? And so on and so forth to the highest law enforcement official in the country – attorney general Eric Holder – himself a criminal held in contempt of congress.

Common Core Curriculum will transform this country into a Marxist/socialist state in less than one 12 year cycle of propaganda in the Obamaschools. Students are already being told lies are truths and history is lies and government is the source of all that is good…and ….

Since the President has set the precedent and the state legislators have supported the new pick and choose system of laws to obey and the county officials have jumped on the anarchy slide, is there any real reason we should allow local school board members to claim “it is mandated” that our children are forced to attend Obamaschool and be fed the propaganda curriculum?

Why must we force our children into a future without freedom of choice and opportunity? A future under the tyranny of the government of a ruling class perhaps controlled themselves by religious leaders who enforce their law far more violently than free Americans have accepted in the past.

School board candidates may not want to address the issue of Obamaschool curriculum. It is an issue that is always reduced to money for the children. But more money has failed to improve education; in fact the numbers indicate more money probably hurts the children.

A federal takeover of education is the most destructive attack on freedom facing America today. Maybe we can retake our government and re-establish a contitutional system and the Bill of Rights, but not if we lose the children. If Common Core is allowed to steal our children, America and the great experiment of self-rule and freedom will be finished.

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