Fritzler Corn Maze highlights American unity, through good times and bad

For the past 14 years Glenn Fritzler and his family have unveiled a corn maze design that seems appropriate for Colorado or current events, and this year is no different as the design is intended to represent the struggles and heartaches we all face as Americans.


This year the Fritzler maze features a profile of America’s national symbol the bald eagle. However, it is not just any bald eagle, this one is shedding a tear. Fritzler explained the reason for the tear is to symbolize all of the heartaches we have all had to endure as Americans this past year, including Hurricane Sandy, the Sandy Hook massacre, the Boston Marathon bombing, this week’s naval yard shooting and even the massive flooding that just occurred in Colorado.


“These events are just senseless, and you cannot help but wonder why these tragedies happened,” Fritzler said. “I could not help but think that while we are all saddened as Americans, we are definitely not broken and we will get through this. It just breaks my heart.”


The maze’s design was already in place before the devastating flood waters tore into much of Weld County last week, but Fritzler noted that the image was particularly appropriate considering all of those who have lost their homes and possessions. He said that while the corn maze is ready to go, there are many neighbors just a few miles from him who did not fare so well.


Showing that the Fritzler’s truly cares about their neighbors in Weld County the family sent out an email on Tuesday asking for donations for victims of the flood.


“We need your help. Not for us, but for our friends, neighbors and Colorado residents that suffered losses during the flood,” the email said. “My wife Pam and I want you to help us get the word out that the Fritzler Corn Maze will be accepting Donations for the flood victims. We know Coloradoans are generous people and are looking for ways to help. We are only two miles from some very devastating flood damage and would like to make an impact in our community.”


The maze has its grand opening this Saturday with all of the popular attractions like Slide Mountain, jumping pillows, the Alcorntraz Zombie Paintball Adventure and of course, the maze itself.


However, ever looking to make the Fritzler Corn Maze an exciting overall fun family event, they are adding some new attractions this year including a pig race, a zip line and Ghost Hunt.


The pig race involves three groups of pigs racing around a track in an attempt to obtain an Oreo treat.


The Ghost Hunt is an original attraction designed by Trevor Fritzler and his brother-n-law Josh Stanton. The new attraction is the culmination of six months of work by the two as they perfected the special effects used in the interactive hunt.


Trevor was the subject of the 2010 maze, which was intended to be a tribute to members of the military. That year Trevor had left for basic training on July 6 at Fort Benning, Ga. While there he suffered from injuries that caused nerve damage, ending his military career. The maze design that year featured the Department of Defense logo, the words “We Salute You” and “1869 days” which was supposed to be the length of Trevor’s enlistment.


The maze is located at 20861 CR 33 in LaSalle. More information about the maze and pricing along with special discounts is available at and or by calling (970) 727-2129.

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