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F-16 - a really big clay pidgeon

by Craig Masters
Take a $20million combat proven aircraft that can fly more than one and one-half times the speed of sound, handles more than nine times the force of gravity, carries a laundry list of weapons, and some of the most advanced avionics in the sky. Then spend another $11.7million on customized controls to enable the supersonic fighter to fly without a human being in the cockpit. (by the way, military censors would spell that ****pit)

What do you get for your $32million? If you’re the financially broke U.S. government you get one kick-butt target. But just one. And if your trainee hits the target – well, break out another $32million and reload.

Fortunately the Air Force has thousands of extra retired $20million F-16 fighter jets they can retrofit for only an additional $11million or so and then shoot them down from even more expensive aircraft with pilots who may well be replaced by console jockeys before they ever see an enemy aircraft. Pull!

Meanwhile, the pentagon released the “contingency” plans for the government shut down. Military personnel will receive missed pay, but civilians will not be eligible for missed pay unless congress passes special legislation. Of course, that is just one department’s propaganda released at the instructions of the administration to put pressure on congress to give up the fight to defund Obamacare.

Speaking of weapons systems and propaganda, John Kerry has signed the UN arms treaty. This treaty opens the doors (of Americans) for UN officials to control the ownership, sales and transfers of small “conventional” arms – like handguns – inside the U.S. borders. It requires the U.S. government to keep a detailed list of who owns what guns and ammunition. And that is only the beginning!

Yeah, I know very few people will believe that last comment, but that’s because the press has been so dishonest about everything the government does. It’s Bush’s fault, Obama didn’t do it…Congress won’t let that happen… Well guess what – it happened!

Speaking of the press, I missed the story about the unbelievable motorcycle event in Washington D.C. on 9-11. How can a 55-mile-long column of motorcycles traveling from L.A. to Washington D.C.. not make it to free tv as a teaser for the news? I so seldom watch tv news that if it isn’t a teaser ad, I probably won’t see it here on free tv? So I guess I just missed the coverage of 1.5million bikers all in the same city at the same time?

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