Shredded Constitution Means We Live On Borrowed Time

By Mike McCune —


The Constitution is under mass attack by progressive politicians. For this reason alone, the best news that could happen is a government shutdown to protect this document that contains all the principles on which this civil government was established.


The Constitution, despite popular belief today, did not guarantee any group or individual special rights. The Constitution denied government many things but it merely confirmed the rights given by God belonged to each individual and could not be removed. But along with those rights came the obligation of responsibility on each and every one of us to preserve those rights by actively taking responsibility.


This is not the message that is being sent by our government’s education system. Schools do not count the economic cost of promoting government programs since they are the beneficiary of so many.


In many states the passage of anti-gun legislation was pushed in the school systems by administrations determined not to take responsibility for their liability in a free society. In the more populous states, schools are advancing the idea of Obamacare because popular resistance has been so stout.


With more than 60 years of observation in the personal rearview mirror, the best time for citizens is when Washington is not in session. When the buffoons are in session they always find time to take our earnings and give them to someone else–often with complete disregard for Constitutional authority. Time after time the original intent of the language contained in the Constitution is abridged to meet political advanced social justice.


Logic is tossed into the trash bin for the sake of emotion.


Logic and experience tell us this government is broken; probably beyond repair. It spends hundreds of billions each year on programs that were not considered in government’s realm when the Constitution was passed.


The guilty party, once again, is the face in the mirror. As individuals we didn’t want the responsibility our rights carried. We selfishly passed that to the government so it would have the responsibility. After all, the cost to us was a few dollars.


But a few dollars here and a few dollars here begin to add up. And the requests for assistance-real or perceived-keep growing.


Economically we have reached the tipping point.


It really doesn’t matter if Congress agrees to raise the debt ceiling again. It doesn’t matter whether or not it deadlocks on Obamacare. It doesn’t matter if you are reliant upon Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid–things you paid for all your working life. We have to change our attitude towards government’s role in our daily lives.


Truth is the government, at long last, has probably bitten off more than it can chew with Obamacare. It has promised more than America can pay.


The irony is we are responsible. The responsibility we have slowly ceded for the past five, six, seven generations, is now biting us back. We have forgotten how to survive without government’s help. The awful truth is too many of us not only cannot survive without government’s help but will not survive without government’s help. We have had it drummed into us in school that the government is how we survive. We’ve become trained dogs, sitting and waiting for the proper command.


How do you know you cannot get along without government until you try without government?


Americans are simply out of shape. We have been convinced for so long that we need to look for government to answer the call (stimulus), for government to do for us (first responders), for government to protect us (Homeland Security) and for government to tend to us (EPA, FDA, FAA, etc.) that our economic and real muscles are atrophied from non-use.


We learned this in school. We were trained as youth that our government was infallible; always had better answers than the individual or local community; and, was the ultimate answer to every woe.


Now government has reached too far and we still have not begun the exercise that would train our own muscles to do the personal providing we need.


Our government is broke. Our government needs more than 43% more of everything produced in America every year just to maintain the current debt level.


Let’s do something new. Let’s try the executioner’s axe approach by allowing government to close down. It won’t be pretty but we cannot allow it to continue the destructive path it is on–either for our sake or its’ own.


Without government’s interference, we would have to start developing the needed muscles again just to stay alive. But Americans can make it. The colonists made it when they shed the British Crown. Individuals throughout history have persevered without government’s dubious aid.


The Constitution is the best form of civil government yet devised by man. Fearing the citizens will resurrect the ‘don’t’ portions of the Constitution, government is exceeding its authority to forestall that moment.


What is galling is many of today’s problems are caused not by rights contained within the Constitution but because those rights have been allowed to rot as ‘too expensive.’ Free speech, the right to bear arms, no government religion, states’ rights–all come with a price EACH CITIZEN MUST PAY WILLINGLY. History will hold each of us accountable for allowing the government to even contemplate keeping the current socialist system running.


America has forgotten its roots. A government shutdown will not be allowed to happen because the last thing the politicians want is for you to find out they are not omnipotent or necessary.


But the politicians miss the message. The warning is this: Either government stops its progressiveness and again become stewards of the Constitution or it will shutdown perforce when it must take more than the economy can deliver.


“I have sworn on the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”–Thomas Jefferson

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