Weld holds “Let’s Talk Month” to foster sex-education dialogue

Fall is in the air—temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing and families are talking about sex.  (And if they aren’t, they need to be!)  October is Let’s Talk Month, a time to emphasize the importance of communication between parents and their children about sex, love and relationships.


According to surveys completed by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, children really do want to hear what their parents have to say about sex.

  • Teens continue to say that parents most influence their decisions about sex—more than peers, popular culture, teachers and others.
  • 87% of teens think that adults should give them a strong message that they should not have sex until they are at least out of high school.
  • 87% of teens say it would be easier to avoid early sexual activity and teen pregnancy if they were able to have more open, honest conversations about these topics with their parents.

Parents have the power to give teens a strong message to wait, to make it easier for them to wait and to model healthy relationships.  It is essential that parents start talking!  Fall, winter, spring or summer—no matter the season, there is always a reason to talk to your kids.  They need to hear it from you!

For tips about talking to your child about sex, love and relationships visit www.weldwaits.com.

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