Gypsy “scam” artists turned away from flood roadblock

By Jack Minor –


The Larimer County Sheriff’s office is reporting that it turned away a group from a U.S. Highway 34 roadblock over concerns they could be attempting to “scam” fraud victims.


On a statement posted to his Facebook account, Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith said deputies learned there was a caravan of what he described as “European Gypsies” who were in a caravan of mini-vans with signs saying “Disaster Response Team” despite there not being affiliated with any government agency.


Smith said “these gypsy groups have a reputation for operating a variety of scams, oftentimes following natural disasters” such as what occurred with the recent floods in Northern Colorado.


He noted that while the group has not committed any crimes, his deputies performed research on the group and because of his department’s coordination to help prevent crime reduction in other areas impacted by the flood, local hotels worked in concert to ensure problem renters didn’t move from one property to another.


After realizing they were being scrutinized by the sheriff’s office, the group reportedly packed up and left the area.

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