How the Other Half pays for bad bank policy

by Craig Masters
The last paragraph of a recent Gazette article titled, “Chase now limiting withdrawal amounts,” was probably overlooked by most readers who only dream of having $50,000 in their checking account. But according to Alex Jones, Infowars founders, the “IRS is attempting to bar citizens from leaving the country if the agency has merely opened an investigation on them.”

Consider that the Obama regime has expanded the IRS by some 16,000 agents, accumulated a hefty share of about a billion rounds of ammunition recently purchased for non-military use, and is allowed to “open an investigation” on anyone for no reason at all.

Consider that the Obama regime has spied on Americans in every possible way – all of which is un-Constitutional by absolutely any stretch of the imagination of the founding fathers. Add to that the recent revelation that French officials are outraged over the extent of world wide intercepted phone calls by the Obama domestic spying programs.

Now bring those considerations forward to the news that Chase Bank is now informing its depositors that they will not be allowed additional access to their money in cash after their activity level in the “month” reaches $50,000. (I closed my Chase account today.)

For the half of U.S. population that lives on receipts from the working half, this story has no meaning; or so they might think. But if these democrats could think beyond their EBT card limits, they might realize that the small business on the corner where they exchange food credits for cash and cigarettes is very probably depositing and/or withdrawing more than $1,700 a day (that would be enough to hit the $50,000/month limit).

Now if we put these “unrelated” considerations all together, we get a mom and pop corner EBT laundering operation┬ábeing reported to the IRS for excessive cash transactions. Agents of the new Obama citizen army open an investigation and when the welfare recipient tries to convert some food credit for gas or cigarettes – well, now the big bank’s policy hits the poverty household.

Finally, if the big depositors get nervous and move their money reserves off shore, the supply of all money ( not just the cash and coins ) is seriously reduced. Loans can’t be made without deposits, credit card rates will rise even higher, businesses will have to pay higher rates for using their own money, and – prices they charge for everything we need and buy will go up!

When are we going to wake up and smell the stench coming from the White House?

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