UN Rapporteur explains US Transformation Process

by Craig Masters

United Nations special rapporteur Pablo de Greiff may not have realized he was describing the decline of American Exceptionalism when he spoke to delegates. Mr. de Grieff was appointed to study and report on the conditions related to human rights violations and recommend actions which would reduce the major atrocities world-wide. His report was interspersed with words like “reductionism” and “strict sequencing” and of course the ever popular “developmental blockages” that always seem to be the result of some countries exploiting others in their efforts to reach UN assigned “millennium development goals” before the 2015 deadline.
But as Mr. de Greiff addressed the issues of the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence, he may have explained the phenomenon that continues to give Obama the upper hand in controlling the transformation to socialism in America. It seems, he said, that when people face daily disappointment in their lives they mentally adjust by redefining what to expect. Mr. de Grieff said it this way:

“People will shift their preferences downward rather than live in a permanent state of deflated expectations.”

In today’s transforming America, these lower expectations define the “new normal.” As a society now witnessing the first generation ever to have a life expectancy shorter than their parents, we now accept a new definition for the American Dream as simply paying off student loans or reaching the age of senior discounts without being in debt.

Those who address the various United Nations committees charged with resolving complex issues that have divided mankind since the age of the Old Testament often subscribe to the philosophy of reductionism. This is a belief that everything can be understood by reducing it into its simplest parts. So it was this week when Rapporteur de Grieff presented his comments. If it is possible to take human behavior and sub divide it into individual actions then it might logically be argued that if those actions were then reassembled in “strict sequencing,” the outcome could be . Thus, if human behavior were following the rules set forth under this concept, any one of the actions comprising unacceptable behavior could be isolated and altered then reintroduced into the whole to achieve a different behavior. Mr. de Grieff seems to suggest that this process can and should be applied in changing the behavior of the world’s leaders who engage in or are unable to prevent atrocious human rights violations in their countries or regions.

A nation is no more than the sum of the activities of its society. It should therefore be possible to transform an entire nation by isolating and then changing as many unique features of the behavior of the population as necessary to effect the change. Some unique behaviors associated with the American spirit are independence from government, personal responsibility, local control and certainly the belief that hard work will lead to opportunity for success.

Independence from government is certainly one of the parts that made up the character of the American society. Certainly it has been as heavily altered as possible for decades, but especially in the past five years in which the government has expanded social dependence programs to a nearly irreversible state. Personal responsibility has been replaced by acceptable excuses for everything from failing in school to mass murders where we work and play. The last and most powerful stronghold of local control, neighborhood schools, has been destroyed by the powerful federal program called Common Core Curriculum Standards. When these altered parts are reassembled as the United Nations rapporteur suggest can be done the idea that hard work will reap rewards will be gone and the resulting nation will be totally transformed.

When examined without much consideration for the human desire for freedom or belief in a higher power that influences our decisions, it seems academic to follow the formula suggested by Mr de Grieff. Whether it be a third world dictator or the population of the United States, if the parts can be isolated and behavior toward each altered, the final assembly will become the new American normal.

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